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citronella collars

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For those of you that tried the citronella collars did they work? My has been barking at absolutely everything the past couple days and has also been very interested in getting into the garbage. The garbage thing slowed down today since I sprayed the can with bitter apple spray but the barking is starting to get worse and I want to stop it before it gets out of control.
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we have had mixed results. Kirby is definitely barking less now than in the past so I think it may have helped (we aren't really using it anymore). I would def give it a wasn't very expensive...I ordered from the site that was posted here. If you have trouble finding the post let me know and I'll look for the site.
Just a thought.............We bought a citronella collar for Tanner but he just went through a brief period of a few weeks of barking...then it stopped. I would say it was when he was 12-14 months old. We ended up not using it and returning it. His barking was a brief phase.
That's true - I didn't read the first post closely enough to see this behavior just started. Maybe try correcting her verbally for now? For us, it was clear the barking is/was pretty engrained in Kirby.
here's a previous post on these collars and some who use them ... la+collars
Thanks! Maybe it is a phase. She hits the dreaded 9mos on Feb 1. Maybe she is starting early. She would bark before but not as often and settle quickly. Now she seems to bark (using Annmarie's line) at chimpmunk farts!!! hahaha She also will not settle as quickly and I end up yelling over her barking. I will see if this continues and then decide.
heather....keep us posted
hopefully the chipmunks won't fart as much soon and hibernate :wink:

for me it's always the 10mo stage here hahhahaa 2 down , 1 more to go :wink:
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