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Choc doodle available to adopt.....

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This is an owner who responded to my email. I cannot remember where he's from or anything really. I just know this little guy is available to adopt and obviously good with kids. Since we found a new member for our family I thougt I would pass this opportunity on to you!

His email is stephen albert [[email protected]]

Here's the little sweetie.... ... rez2zi.jpg ... rez0mc.jpg
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Well...I guess we're just meant to be a one Doodle family. I heard from the guy in CO. He had people going to his home last night and 2 more lined up today. I asked that he keep us in mind if the others don't work out.
Another Doodle for a family to love...they are lucky and so are we because we have Chester.
Oh, man! I am get your hopes built up so much and then are so disappointed. I am really, sincerely sorry.
I told my husband I'm probably obsessed now with getting another Doodle and feeling competitive because I can't seem to get one so maybe I should step back for a bit and be sure that's what we really want.
Sounds crazy doesn't it...of course I'm probably just trying to placate myself. And I'll get a LD fix this weekend at the next Chicago area Romp!
Sounds very wise and insightful to will do what is right for you, your family and your dogs!
That is until I see another and go nuts over it!
These guys are just addicting!
Yeah, tell me about it...we keep moving to new homes with bigger we are thinking lots of acres! LOTS of acres! So we can get/keep as many as we can love and care for...but no more. :wink:
Yep, they are addictive :) I'm so glad I already live on 26 acres and we have a big house and it is only me and my husband so we have LOT'S of room for Doodles, inside and out :wink: One more week until Archie joins us in our happy Doodle home, I can't wait :!: :!:
Rub it in, rub it in!! LOL

I am so jealous of you folks with land! :wink: :D

I can't wait to hear all about little Archie's arrival!
hey Chesterpal, I'm in the Denver area so if you ever come out here to see your sister-in-law, or if she wants to make contact, I'd love to meet you! But right now I'd tempt you with our puppies so......

be warned! :wink:
Yes your puppies sure to tempt me! I love browsing the websites and looking at all the LDs. They make me smile!
We'll probably be in CO next Spring. That would be fun to get together. We love the dog park near Parker.
My sister in law lives in Parker and she took us there. It was beautiful and had us sold on finding a dog park near us...which we did. It doesn't have the mountains and the stream is, well...a mud bog but its a big area and Chester can run around.
Oh My GOSH! She's in PARKER! Tell your S.I.L to come to the Doodle Romps sometime! I'm already looking forward to our monthly romp on 5/27!
I wish we had a dog park near us, it would be great to have a weekly doodle romp where we could just get together with our doodles and share stories and grooming secrets, etc. What fun?!!!!
Diane, have any of the communities built or developed an offleash dog park? I never knew of them in VA but I guess living here I thought maybe they were just getting started all over.

There's a website, where different Doodle Romps are once/month, all over the Denver area. I'm so thankful!
I think there is one up by Kansas City but I'm not sure about that. Seems like I heard someone on one of the forums talking about it but that is the only one that I have even heard of in Kansas. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they are everywhere, but I want them NOW :wink:
I don't blame you! I'm going to start a new thread about dog parks. I guess we're really lucky and dog-friendly here in Colorado!
We have quite a few here in CA too...and dogs are generally allowed in certain types of it is fun to be able to take your pet with you.

That would be a good thread, Maureen!

I'd love to start a dog park too...something I am looking forward to some day...I have some great ideas to make it very special! :D
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