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Choc doodle available to adopt.....

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This is an owner who responded to my email. I cannot remember where he's from or anything really. I just know this little guy is available to adopt and obviously good with kids. Since we found a new member for our family I thougt I would pass this opportunity on to you!

His email is stephen albert [[email protected]]

Here's the little sweetie.... ... rez2zi.jpg ... rez0mc.jpg
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He is very cute! Thanks for posting!! I am sure that he will find a good home before you know it. :wink:
Aww...Very cute, I hope he finds an owner!
I emailed him. He is in the Denver area. My in-laws are in CO and coming for a visit in early June. I'm going to look into working something out. Perhaps my in-laws deliver?
You go girl!!! That doodle is gorgeous!!!
I sent him an email asking a bunch of questions so we'll see how he responds. My husband is sure his parents would deliver. I just need to know age, any training, did he come from a pet store or breeder---background, how much $$, why are they giving him up...any suggestions on what else to ask?

Then, I need to start worrying about how he and Chester will hit it off.
Good for you! I just love this forum and the wonderful big-hearted people who write here!!!

Maybe health records, if they have them...
Ah, that's right. I did ask if he was current on shots.

I have learned A LOT from this forum! I actually had an idea what questions to ask!
Good luck to you on getting him. I am a bit partial to the chocolates, but I am sure you know that already.
How could a doodle NOT get along with Chester??
:D could Chester NOT get along with another doodle? :wink:
Good point!
But if I don't worry about that I'll have to find something else to worry about!
I hope they get along, they might not at first but I am sure they will love each other!
Good luck and just remember, if it was meant to be, he'll be a part of your family in June :) He's ADORABLE :!: :!:
I haven't heard back from the owner as yet but I'm a firm believe in the "if it was meant to be" theory.
We're one step closer. The owner emailed me back and it sounds like a good situation for us. He's 6 months old and the owner's family situation changed so that no one is home most of the day and he doesn't feel right about keeping a dog crated that long. My sister in law, who lives near this guy, said she could pick up the LD and if my in laws don't want to transport him she would meet us somewhere between Colorado and Illinois.
Am I nuts or what? We joked that she would fall in love with the little guy and want to keep him.
No, no, you have tried too hard for this one!! Hehe. Good luck!
Ooooeee! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! You are so great to want to do this much to help and adopt a sweet dog! Good luck!
Good Luck!!! Lani will be anxiously waiting to hear if there will be another chocolate doodle to play with at the chicago romps. :lol: He is beautiful!! I can't seem to get my husband to think he wants another one, I guess Lani will have to live vicariously through you and Shannon to get her chocolate doodle fix!!!
Golly Gee,it's meant to be, I just know it :D :D You will soon be a 2 doodle family :lol: We're all pulling for you here in Kansas :wink:
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