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Ok this is for anyone living in the Midwest... Has anyone had problems with chiggers with their doodles? Tucker is suddenly covered with small red bumps which look alot like chigger bites to me? He gets Interceptor or one of those monthly topical treatments for fleas, ticks and heartworm so I know its not fleas. For those of you living in chigger free areas, thank your lucky stars, they are evil! Should I spray the yard, give him a dip? I hate using pesticides but he's got about 20 bumps on him....thanks
Donna and Tucker
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I remember chiggers from visiting my grandmother in southern Illinois, BAD MEMORIES!!! I recall they sprayed Lysol on us to kill them, can't remember if it really worked or if it was like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :lol: Poor baby I remember they itched something terrible!!! Good luck and let us know what you find out!
Oh poor Tucker. I sure do remember growing up with chigger bites back in Kansas. I don't know that I ever noticed my dog with the bites though. The vet might have a better idea. In Texas, my dog got bit up really bad by fire ants. Oh, man, those things are wicked!

I'm not in the midwest, but I'll tell you what I know...
A few weeks ago, we noticed tons of red spots on Boomer. They were all near his "privates" where there's no hair. A few days later we noticed the same thing on our older dog (but they had faded on Boomer) so we took them to the vet. He said that it's nothing to worry about, just bug bites that they can easily get from playing or lying in the grass. I'm not sure if it was chigger bites, but it wasn't anything to worry about.
I don't think I'd even worry about the red bumps unless they really are bothering your baby. Cinnamon got those last year and my vet told me she wasn't sure what they were, but she thought it was some sort of allergic reaction to something she was laying in on the ground, grass or some sort of weed. She had really dry skin then too, so she itched all the time anyway. The bumbs cleared up and she hasn't gotten them again, even though she's still in the same yard she was when she got them.

Who knows!
Tuckers seems to have alot by his privates too, but he is acting alright so I guess I won't worry about them unless he seems uncomfortable. Thanks for the advice.

I think that Gus has chiggers too! We spent last weekend at our property in a rural area outside of St. Louis. I have several as well, but, my GSD/Dob mix doesn't appear to have any. I know that mine are itching me like crazy. Any suggestions on what I can use on Gus to alleviate the itching? BTW, we use Frontline Plus and Interceptor.
I had Tucker at the vets on Tues for unrelated issue but I had him check the bumps I thought were chiggers. He did not seem conerned but said I could use Benadryl for Tucker if he was scratching at them. Tucker doesn't seem to be bothered by them so I haven't used anything. I am still thinking about spraying the yard for chiggers but haven't looked at the products out there for something safe for animals, birds etc...
I use to live in Missouri about 70 miles West of St Louis and when we moved there to our farm I was about 8 ( I remember Mom putting Bleach in our bath water just a little and it did help kill them I would not suggest that however I think back then Mom just didn't have to much of a choice what to help us with) and chiggers were every where cutting the grass and getting rid of the weeds help but I never notice them here in Kansas at least where I'm at we do spray because we live out in the country and bugs can be bad. One thing I would watch is his privates Johnson last year got bit by something on his privates and they started swelling he was on meds for about 2 weeks.
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