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Betty, my labradoodle (scruffy black) is now seven months old and has so far done about £500 damage chewing. I provide her with lots of chews, which she loves, but if you accidentally leave something like your glasses or mobile phone within her reach for a moment she will chew them (which explains the £500 damage). I try to make sure that I leave her in a 'safe' room when I go out, but now she has chewed up all the cables in the room, like the phone wire, tv extension lead, etc. It feels like we have to barricade ourselves and all our valuables in one area of the house to keep ourselves safe from her. She is the most destructive dog I've ever had. The latest trick is to pull clothes off the washing line - which is very annoying as she has ruined my daughter's work trousers.

Oh and she sheds incredibly - but I could put up with that if the chewing would stop.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Milton Keynes, UK
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Maybe get her a crate and when you are not around you can put her in there. My 2 1/2 yr old will do the same thing. The second you leave she chews something. Don't know why, but she does it. She goes in her crate when I leave the house for even a 1/2 hour. She has 3 other dogs to play with when I leave, and they never touch a thing. Crating is probably your best option. It will save your sanity and you valuables.. When she goes around tables, be sure you tell her no. Get a can, fill it with pennies, and when she goes to grab for something shake it at her. The noise will usually startle them and make them stop. Sounds like she is going through her teen years, and testing you.
I agree I would crate her and give her something to chew on while she is in there. Some are just worse chewers than others. :oops:
As well as the toys, when she begins to chew, remove her from whatever she's chewing, say no firmly and give her a toy instead, praise her when she takes the toy of you, Bella quickly learnt the difference on what to chew.

That's not to say she's cured of eating table legs completly but we still have a dining set so far :D
chewing - thanks

Dear everyone

Thanks for your advice. I think she is too old and big for crate-training now, but I have tried the distraction techniques suggested and am hoping for the best. She was a lot happier over Christmas.
bitter apple

Have you tried bitter apple spray? It really works. You would have to buy it by the gallon to spray everything in your home, but if you isolate the dog, and spray the things that she can chew in that area, she would at least not chew those. For example, if you leave her in the kitchen, spray the bottom of your cupboards, door frames, etc. The stuff is expensive, but less expensive than a new cell phone!
Good luck with it.
Thanks, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Bitter apple has worked wonders for Gunner, but you may have to reapply it. Good Luck! I feel your pain. Thank goodness they are soooo cute.
I was at the pet superstore last night getting Boone a long training lead. I saw this bitter apple stuff and bought some.
He hasn't chewed on any furniture or anything. He usually chews only what he's supposed too (thankg god) so I just bought it as an "in case" sorta deal. Also to rub on my hands cuz he likes to take a chomp occasionally.
I tasted this stuff just to see what Boone was in for (boy we love them!) and o h m y g o d!
So, so , so awful!
There is no "apple" it's just all "bitter" Yuck!
Yes it is awful - but it has to be to work. They say there is nothing in it that will harm them. Sadie was really going after my large plants - chewing the leaves as well as helping herself to chunks of dirt from the pots. I sprayed them with bitter apple and she quickly lost interest.
I agree, a crate would help. I know it may feel mean to crate a dog when you are not home but it's for their own safety. The dog could end up with an obstruction which would cost much more than $500.00. I have read that dogs will chew on anything they can get until they are about 2-1/2 years old. I have also read that a dog is never to old to crate train. I get lots of information on training from I hope it helps.
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