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checking in.......................

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i haven't been posting over the last week or so...lurking, but not posting :)

i had my shoulder surgery last monday 6/2 and i've just been taking it slow. i have a big sling (the 'scaffolding' :? )that i have to wear all the time for at least 6 weeks. i'm typing w/ one hand so i'm not even going to bother hitting the shift key to capitalize. it's tough to even sit at the computer for any length of time, kind of hard to get my shoulder in a neutral position. i have some reeeeally good pain meds, however 8) i wouldn't wish this on anyone!! i've had c-sections before, and i'd rather have 100 of those compared to shoulder surgery.

my mom has been staying over during the weekdays to help out...she's been a godsend.

dexter has been a really good boy throughout. he stayed at the pet hotel again for the first few days, and now he's home. that works out really well all around.

so i'm lurking, even though not posting as much. love you guys!
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i've heard from friends how painful that is, i sure hope the pain starts to alleviate and go away soon. and glad that Dexter is being good.

So Lurk all you want we'll be here waiting for you ...also praying for speedy recovery :D
Oh Lynn I hope you recover fast. Glad to hear Dexter is good. But take it easy. :)
Recover quickly Lynn!
I'm sure you must be hurting bad!.....sorry.........GET WELL!!
I wish you fast healing....we miss you!! Enjoy the meds!! :wink:
Oh Lynn, I feel for you! It sounds awful! Hang in there, I'm glad your Mom is helping you. Take the pain meds as prescribed, DO NOT WAIT FOR PAIN because it is then much harder to control. We miss you, get well fast!!!!
Nice to hear from you again Lynn
Sending best wishes to heal up quick!!!!!!!
Hi Lynn!!

I'm sorry about your surgery :( Hope you have a fast recovery!
Hope you have a speedy recovery. You have been missed at trivia. You are the beacon at the top of the list who lets us know that we have to think faster! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Henry said:
Hope you have a speedy recovery. You have been missed at trivia. You are the beacon at the top of the list who lets us know that we have to think faster! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Or makes us feel inadequate.... :oops: :lol:
Welcome back Lynn!! Glad all worked worked out and you are on the mend. Continued success recovering. I am sure Dex will help!!!
Just wanted to say....It gets better! (Especially when you get to stop using the crazy wedge sling)

I've had many surgeries in the past ten years (both shoulders, ankle, 3 on each knee plus 2 c-sections and some other non ortho), but I do have to say that the shoulder surgeries were the worst...It's almost a different pain, I think because it's almost impossible to find a comfortable way to sit/lay and everything you do makes you move your shoulder...

But, I found that I healed a lot faster than they originally said - and the really bad pain doesn't last the entire recovery period...

Hang in there and good to see you back!
Speedy recovery Lynn! Any type of surgery is the pits, but the shoulder one is especially painful...this too shall pass, as you'll see improvement every day!!! :wink: :D :wink:
Before I had my shoulder surgery my brother in law said how a mate of his told him it was worst than having a baby. I thought....hmmmm typical male how would he know. After surgery (repaired torn rotator cuff muscle and bone scrap) I would have gone through ten births before going through the surgery and recovery of a shoulder injury again. First time in my life I ever needed morphine. The good side is my shoulder is back better than ever having recovered 100%. Oh how I remember those one armed sling days. It takes awhile but I am sure you will be back better than ever soon.
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