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Charlie's Home

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We made it! Charlie was so good on his 7-hour trip. THEN he met Hershey. Let the doodle times roll! :shock:
This was the only shot that wasn't a blur. Hershey and Charlie are having a blast. More pictures alter...

This is going to be fun! :wink:

Bryan, Sharon, Hershey and Charlie
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Congratulations again Bryan! I am so happy for you and Hershey and especially Charlie!! So glad he's got a forever home.

And from a "seasoned" owner of two.....they will wrestle forever, taking turns doing the dominant/submissive game. It's hysterical. I will sit in my yard for hours just laughing at my two!

Enjoy!! :lol:
Definitely have their attention! What a great picture! it do it do it!! You know you wanna...... :lol:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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