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Charlie has finally earned big boy status

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Usually when I leave Charlie during the day, I gate him in the kitchen. I know he has come to hate this and as soon as I get home, he stands by the gate with a bone in his mouth waiting to be released into his house.

So last night, in a moment of craziness especially since I just had my carpets cleaned, we went out for the evening and left Charlie LOOSE! I did gate the two stairs and closed the bathroom door. We came home to a perfectly content doodle who probably spent the evening sleeping on the couch. :D

He just turned one last month so I'd say we've reached a new point of maturity. He still likes his crate at night though.

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Oh Yeah! Congrats Charlie! Keep up the good work!!!
All right BIG BOY Charlie!!! You know you have to be good....that freedom can be easily removed.... :wink:
Charlie - congrats on your new found freedom !!!
Charlie thanks you all for the compliments. He is quite proud of himself.

Good job Charlie :)

I'm finally starting to not come home without the "I hope they didn't do anything bad" look on my face...haha...we always see the boys laying together on the front couch (through the front window) when we get home.
That is so exciting!! Good BOY!!! I look forward to the day!
Yeah Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a good boy..................
Pssst ... Charlie ... How'd you con your FoodLady into it? ...
Crated Doodles are anxious to know you secret!
Congrats on a job well done!

Woofs and Licks,

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