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Carpet Cleaning

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I am cleaning my carpets this morning. Do I have Company coming?
Noooo! I just want Denver to have shiny new floors and carpets so he can make them dirty all over again. Am I addicted or what.
If that does not convince you how's this. Hubby and I have 11 weeks combined vacation time. Exotic vacation coming up? Nooooo!!!
We will take them seperate so we can take turns being home with Denver.
Oh we are going to take a week or two to go to our local Island area with beaches galore, BUT only if the Motel allows dogs.LOL
I can not wait to hear all of your stories on this subject.LOL
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Did someone say vacation? What's that? Of course, the last vacation we took (the Breeders Round Table doesn't count, that was only a weekend) together I worried constantly about my dogs and couldn't enjoy myself. Now we take separate vacations. Of couse, I am a breeder so there is no way for the both of us to leave for any length of time. If we do go anywhere together it is just a weekend trip to our son's in Missouri while our other son and his wife come and house sit and take care of our dogs for us. You gotta love 'em :)
Who needs a vacation when they have a yard like that :D :D
Hey, I've got it, I think AnnMarie should have a huge Doodle Romp. What a great place to have one :) What do you guys think :?: :wink:
Wouldn't you hate for her to be your mother :twisted: She needs to stay home in her sterile little environment :)
I agree Jac, my mother-in-law is a CNA at a nursing home and I would take my job over hers any day. Bless her heart, thank goodness for people like her, but I could never do what she does. I'll take doggy doo over people doo any day.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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