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Carpet Cleaning

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I am cleaning my carpets this morning. Do I have Company coming?
Noooo! I just want Denver to have shiny new floors and carpets so he can make them dirty all over again. Am I addicted or what.
If that does not convince you how's this. Hubby and I have 11 weeks combined vacation time. Exotic vacation coming up? Nooooo!!!
We will take them seperate so we can take turns being home with Denver.
Oh we are going to take a week or two to go to our local Island area with beaches galore, BUT only if the Motel allows dogs.LOL
I can not wait to hear all of your stories on this subject.LOL
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I go through withdrawals when I'm away from my dogs and the word vacation stresses me out so why go? We do try to go up to Whistler, BC every summer. We love it there and they love dogs! We take our dogs everywhere there so that is my perfect vacation.

I have to share something with all of you that came up this week just on this very topic. I work for a company that has to do with timeshares. Heavens, I'd never own one but anyways our January newsletter had to do with pet friendly timeshares of which there really are some out there.
Well, we get this email from a lady that apparently didn't appreciate our newsletter. Needless to say, I don't think this lady and I would get along very well. I wrote her back a nice email while biting my tongue. :x I wanted to ask her if she had ever seen the show CSI? Dang, there is all kinds of nasty stuff on the bedspreads! I can understand the allergies but as in Whistler we are put into a "Pet" room and I'm sure timeshares do the same thing.

Here is her email:

"I would like to say that I am disgusted by pet - friendly hotels and
your positioin to promote them. Companies who encourage people to
bring their pets into hotel rooms are catering to those people who
are so disconnected with the human race for whatever reason, that
their lives become centered around animals! I have seen animals who
have streaked feces across their owners duvets and it repulses me
to think that I may be sleeping in a bed that a dog has slept in.
Many people, as you probably know, allow their animals to sleep in
their beds. As well, most hotels do not wash the duvets after each
client departs, only the sheets.

This does not even take into consideration the allergy problems that a great deal of people suffer from related to animal dander. Who is to know that a dog was the last resident in a room that I may be paying up to $500 a night for, only to awake in the morning with puffy eyes, a stuffy nose, and a headache.

Your article promoting dog-friendly resorts is irresponsible and disrespectful to the millions of people who suffer from pet-related allergies."
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Absolutely, I thought about that too. She is missing out on SO much without the love of a pet. To each her own, I guess.
Absolutely, that would be such a hard job to work in a nursing home. The patients never get better and go home. As our country continues to age we will need more people to work in those homes and I hope there are a lot of angels out there that are willing to do it.

Speaking of allergies, I'm terribly allergic to dogs too but that doesn't stop me from loving and owning my dogs. I've gone through allergy shots and have had sinus problems my whole life, 4 sinus surgeries. I don't know why God gave me this incredible love for animals, especially dogs, and allergies but it's definitely worth it for me. Nobody or nothing is going to keep me from my dogs. If I have to go into a nursing home some day it better be one that I can keep my dog! :?
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