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Can't wait to get a labradoodle!

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Hi all,

So, I am really looking forward to the point in my life where I can get a labradoodle! I have done tons of research and even have my breeder picked out! I think that time is almost here!! I am newly employed and just moved to Indiana. I live by myself in an apartment complex that allows pets. I am going to wait for my first couple paychecks just so I can crunch the numbers because I know a dog is an expensive investment. The purchasing, grooming, food, apartment fees, accessories, vet bills, obedience classes, etc..

My family has had a dog before, he was a mutt from the pound and I was rather young so I did not partake in the training of the dog. Any advice on how to potty-train a dog living on the fourth floor of an apartment building? I am thinking of using the bell by the door and that scheduling will be the most important. Also, training with barking, I don't want my neighbors hating me my first year here :/

My hesitation is that I am a sub-contracting music therapist, so I travel daily for my work so I wont be able to run home during lunch to let him/her out, I will be an our away. The longest amount of time I am gone during the day is 9 hours, most days are around 6 hours. Would you recommend I have a service that takes the dog out in the middle of the day or I do doggie daycare? That seems expensive.

I want a dog as a companion and I am also hoping to train him/her as a therapy dog. Any advice and/or stories would be welcome!

Thank you
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Hello Christina and WELCOME!

I am looking forward to other people responding who have the same, or close to the same, criteria that you have for owning a doodle.
I don't want to be negative, yet I find I have to point out some factors that could wind up being major issues.

The 4th floor could work once you get use to taking a puppy out at al hours of the night. It gets better when they're older......but pups need OUT NOW in order to housebreak.

Next, let's take a typical work day. From puppy on, they need out in the morning, feeding and exercise. If they don't get this, they're bored and will "make noise" when you leave them alone.

My opinion is that you will definitely need a service. 6-9 hours a day in an apartment is a long time.

A neighbor of ours moved last year. She leased a house so that at LEAST her Golden Retriever had a yard.
But, she was gone all day long! Finn, the dog, suffered for this. His training was extremely inconsistent.
He got into stuff all day long.
He leapt fences when put out.
He was such a neat dog but would up being about 100 LBS of trouble. Every Saturday and Sunday, his owner would dedicate her time to him. But, he was unruly even after 3 trainers. He jumped on her, ripped her clothes and pulled her down the street. One day, he pulled away from her and was hit by a car from which he miraculously recovered.

I want everyone in the world to have the JOY of a doodle.....but please, think all this through very carefully.
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Thank you for the response! Yes, I have considered all of the points you made and they are the reasons that I have and still am waiting to get a doodle. No worries, I am not going to go run out and get a doodle with my schedule the way it is :) I know labradoodles are very smart and need a lot of exercise and it would be unfair to the dog if I took one in at the moment.

I am actually hoping my schedule will change in the next couple months so I will have more time at home and/or be closer to town so I can run home at anytime. I would definately get a service! I was more wondering about what peoples experiences are with dog walkers coming in once or twice a day versus doogie day care.

I was also hoping to hear from someone who does live on an upper floor of an apartment building and how they managed the pupppy stage.

Any help appreciated!
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Welcome!! :) My sister-in-law and her hubby got a puppy and they live in a high-rise, I believe the 12th floor maybe? They built a little grass patch on their balcony to take the puppy out on until she was fully trained. I don't know if they still have that or if she's able to now hold it until they take her outside in a true grass area. Anyway, it certainly worked for them. But, she is left alone all day while they work and I've heard she is a bit lonely, but she's a very good dog and I think it's working pretty well for them. I would for sure hire a walker/service, you won't be able to leave your Doodle for that many hours. Now that Daisy is fully trained and has matured, we leave her for up to 6 hours at a time. I do think she could go longer but we haven't done that to her yet. She's 2 years old now.

Good luck to you, I'm glad you are really thinking about and considering all the the major important things to consider when adding a dog to your home.
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I have a Labradoodle puppy (born 11/3/2011) that is not working for us (retired couple). She was a Christmas present to us. She has all her puppy shots and just this past Tuesday, spayed.
She is 'cream' colored. Her mom was 1/2 lab 1/2 poodle. Her dad was full standard poodle. She just weighed in at 27 lbs (4 months).

She has been groomed twice (the groomers LOVE her).

We live in Central Florida. Make us a reasonable offer.
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