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Ok everyone
I will be looking for a new Poodle Doodle in about a years time!!!
It took me this long with Denver.
Question, because my breeder no longer is breeding creams
I am hoping that some of you breeders can direct me to a new breeder???
I want a WHITE Labradoodle or Goldendoodle or (Jac are you listening) North American Retreiver.
It is a ways off but any help will be appreciated. Thanks guys!!!
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Bitten once again by the doodlebug were we? You mean I have to wait a year in anticipation for you? How cruel!! :wink:
AH Gene
What better person is there to wait & research with me????
You mean like this one?

Aren't I mean :twisted:
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hhahhahhaha Di are something else HONEY!!!

Sue did your husband agree to this OR is this why you're need a year?? To still convince him? hahahhahaa
That is one beautiful pup! :wink:
That puppy reminds me of Tanner :D
That is exactly what I mean!!!
And hubby is ok if it makes me happy(I know, what a sweet guy)
congrats ((((((((SUE))))))))) i hope you find the puppy you seek :D
Blazing Star doodles in Manitoba is great and she will be breeding the north american retrievers!!! That is where I got Fozzie. She has beautiful doodles.
Thanks Shannon I will take a look.
Thanks everyone I wiil be looking to all of you for help in the coming year!!!!
You cannot go wrong with Nikki. She breeds beautiful doodles with great temperaments. How do we all get bit by more doodles?? LOL We were just out looking today for a new house and a bigger yard for the doodles to romp in. LOL
wow did i ever get a doodle fix on Nikki's site
i feel soooooooo relaxed now mmmmmmmmmm doodles :D

sue question: why do you want white? you know how dirty they can get? i am finding out how Peanut a cream with some white goldendoodle , can get dirty in 2minutes or less outside in my yard. Whereas max may be just as dirty but since he's black it doesn't show.

I LOVE white i just don't love having to bath them alot. hahahhha
i have 6 acres with a creek hmmm
I never get relaxed on Nikkis site because i always want more!!! :roll:
Hmmm.. Well, a flight would not be too bad.. LOL I had fozzie shipped to IL, and the flight was fine for him. Only about 3 hours. He came out of the crate wagging his tail and I put a leash on him and he pottied in the grass. No messes in the crate either.
That puppy does look like Tanner.....regarding the whites getting dirty...he never looks dirty...I brush him every day and with his coat, the dirt just seems to disappear. :)
What a fun site to look at! Gorgeous puppies!

Doc is white and he's not too bad to keep clean. At least I KNOW when I have to rinse his feet off before letting him in the house - ha-ha!
Haha.. And that would be true. With a black dood and 2 brown ones, mine always look clean. :lol:
Doc is white and he's not too bad to keep clean. At least I KNOW when I have to rinse his feet off before letting him in the house - ha-ha
Thanks for that Kim as that is how I feel about the whites, creams.
Denver is chocolate and you just can not see the mud on him but
boy do you see it at bath time. :lol: :lol:
Sue, I second the referral for Nikki...she is a very good breeder!
Is there any particular location in Canada you are searching? I do know of several good Canadian breeders...
I didn't know that Nikki was breeding North American Retrievers...good for her! I don't know if they would be white...I have not seen that many, but have only seen cream or darker.
I LOVE the picture of Daine's puppy! Really, white like that is rare, I think. Generally you get cream.
Diane is that one of your breeders or a puppy from one of your litters?
Either way, you have plenty of time to look!
I can refer you to several Canadian breeders if you want, but if you are hooked on Nikki's site, I would give her my complete support too.
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