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Can you tell if a pup will have fleece or wool hair?

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We are getting a australian ld puppy this summer and I was just wondering if you can actually tell wether they will have fleece or wool hair when they are small....

I looked at some of the amazing and fun colour changes they go through and I noticed that a few people mentioned that their hair texture changes as well.. but does the texture stay with in the same fleece/wool classification throughout these changes?
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Wrigley is an F1b Goldendoodle & has a very soft, wavy fleece coat. He is only 5 mos & hasn't yet shed his puppy coat. Do the same types of coats apply for Goldendoodles as Labradoodles? And when they get their adult coats do they change in the same ways? I've heard that Goldendoodles have softer coats.
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