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Can you tell if a pup will have fleece or wool hair?

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We are getting a australian ld puppy this summer and I was just wondering if you can actually tell wether they will have fleece or wool hair when they are small....

I looked at some of the amazing and fun colour changes they go through and I noticed that a few people mentioned that their hair texture changes as well.. but does the texture stay with in the same fleece/wool classification throughout these changes?
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There is also curly fleece though, like Jac's new puppies & a few from my litter. I believe it is more about texture & they are real shiney. Fleece feels SO silky, like running your hand through a chenile blanket, just really, really silky!
Just wanted to add...Those puppies pics are SO CUTE!!! :D
Welcome back Julie!
I had some pictures to post, but I couldn't get imageshack to work at all...and I have tried ALL DAY!!!
This site is great for colors , if you pull down, shows hair types too.
But as I said, I noticed 2 types of coats in my litter, 3 were silky like chenile(1 with a slight wave & 2 curly) Check out the pics of Jacs NARS, see how shiney and silky? I had posted some 6 month pics of my 2 girls that were like that with their 6 month pics, but they are not showing...are they showing for anyone else? (Why is image shack so screwed up!!) ... ht=#105352
This subjet has also been a goodie for me too. I have gone around sticking my fingers in many a poodle coat to try and figure the differences.
Hopefully since I bumped this up someone else can add... :?
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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