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Camping With Ginny

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Well, camping season is here and we'd like to take Ginny with us. We have an RV and we primarily travel to state parks. Can anyone offer advise, tips, or must-dos for camping with dogs?

We haven't taken her on a hike yet and we plan to take her out this weekend on a dry run.
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Also look out for poison oak/ can get it too, from petting a dog who went into the bushes.
Ask your vet...if you are going to an area with ticks (and you will) and possible rattle snakes (very probable) you can get shots for Lymes disease and rattle snake bites...also be sure that you dog has had giardia can't stop them from drinking from streams and puddles or even findng dead things that they sometimes be sure that they are protected.
A vet visit will ensure that you have all of this covered as much as possible.
Otherwise, enjoy! LOL
Ginny is adorable...and I love her name...I may have to steal that name from you!
Oh! Of Harry Potter fame! My hubby is a big fan!
Yep, I love the name...and it fits my little Poodle she will probably be a namesake to your Ginny if that's okay with you?
We are naming the boy, "Dupree" because we just saw that movie! LOL
We thought it was cute and so Ginny will probably be Ginny-ness! hahhaha
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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