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Camping With Ginny

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Well, camping season is here and we'd like to take Ginny with us. We have an RV and we primarily travel to state parks. Can anyone offer advise, tips, or must-dos for camping with dogs?

We haven't taken her on a hike yet and we plan to take her out this weekend on a dry run.
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something else to consider is that not all state park campgrounds are dog-friendly. i know that in pennsylvania, many of the state park campgrounds either no not allow dogs, or only allow them in designated campsites. so it is a good idea to check on this in advance. also, many beaches designated for swimming (in the midwest at least) do not allow dogs. it can take a little bit of research to find a place where you and your dog can both go swimming.

you said you have an RV -- we primarily do tent camping. i had a really smart beagle years ago who figured out how to open the zipper of a tent door by pushing it with her nose. she escaped a couple of times to chase the critters that she could hear in the woods. so we got a couple of those detachable keychains (kindof like these: ... chable.jpg) so that we could 'lock' the doors of the tent at night!

i think the biggest things for us as tent campers are having a brush handy to get dirt and other things out of kumo's fur before coming into the tent at night, and doing a 'tick check' every night before going to sleep -- both for kumo and ourselves. we use the that topical flea and tick repellent on kumo that we get from the vet, which prevents the ticks from implanting themselves on him, but unfortunately it doesn't kill the ticks. when we all get into the tent at night, the ticks can crawl off the dog and onto a tastier meal -- us! our evening ritual of brushing and tick checks keeps all kinds of unmentionables from coming into the tent at night.

also, before we set up camp we try to give the campsite a thorough once-over to collect any trash or items previous campers may have left behind. it is a good idea to do this anyway, but dogs can sometimes decide to chew on the craziest things, and people aren't always very good about cleaning up after themselves. when we're camping, kumo prefers chewing on stuff he finds at the campsite to chewing on the toys we bring, so i always like to be aware of what that stuff might be, and remove anything i don't think is safe.

here's a page with photos of my fiance and i camping with kumo in red river gorge, KY when he was about 5 months old:

our puppy kindergarden teacher (last summer) said that off-leash recalls are one of the hardest things to teach a dog. consistency is key in dog training, and in order to be consistent your dog has to come to you every time you say the command "come" (otherwise you're teaching them that when you say "come" it really means 'decide if you feel like it') -- but this is hard to enforce if the dog is off leash and chasing after it only turns it into a game.

so, we bought a 100 foot rope and have been practicing recalls on the "long line" -- kumo is improving a lot with this technique! basically the rope is so long that he forgets he's on it. when he behaves correctly and comes when he's called, he is rewarded. if he chooses not to come, we can still compel him to do it using the leash to let him know that he can't just decide to whatever he wants.

also, we've been trying to work on some voice commands for off-leash walks. we have a 20 foot leash which allows kumo to get a little farther away from us, and we've been training "too far" (which basically means stop and wait for us), "sit" (at a distance rather than walking up to us and sitting down), and "let's go" (which means stop sniffing and stick with us). we're also working on "heel" although he's not so good at sticking right next to me without the reminder of the leash yet. i'm not brave (or stupid) enough to allow him off leash when we're walking around the neighborhood, but our goal is to try a couple of off-leash hikes soon. yay!

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