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Camping With Ginny

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Well, camping season is here and we'd like to take Ginny with us. We have an RV and we primarily travel to state parks. Can anyone offer advise, tips, or must-dos for camping with dogs?

We haven't taken her on a hike yet and we plan to take her out this weekend on a dry run.
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This is where we are taking Denver in July
for our holiday.
Our vacation was set up as to where was the best place to take a dog :wink:
Do we love these Doodles of ours or what!!!!
Can anyone advise when they were comfortable with letting their dogs off the leash? I see lots of photos of doodles running through the woods and in the surf. I can just see Ginny pulling a Funny Farm "running dog" thing and running off only to be seen as a cream-colored streak from time-to-time.
When you are comfortable with your your dog's re-call ability.
Do you have off leash areas where you can try?
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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