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CA Breeders....RE: Spay & Neuter Law

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Hi! As I mentioned in another post, it's been a while since I've posted anything, :oops: but I would love to know if any California breeders have been affected yet by the mandatory spay & neuter law or have any updates/news/info on it.....or a way for us small, quality doodle breeders to get around it!?

Thanks!! :wink:
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Hi Julie,
As far as I know it has not yet been adopted statewide...although it is in a heated battle for approval.
If your local laws have adopted a similar law, you will be affected by it but at this time, as far as I know, until the state mandates it or our counties/municipalities adopt it, the laws do not regulate breeding...yet.
Check out the PetPac site and even the AKC has a section on the is called AB1634.
Well, here we go in Dallas, TX.
These are quotes from an article printed in January
in the Dallas Morning News.

" Dallas considering stiffer animal controls
These are among the recommendations Dallas' Animal Shelter Commission unanimously approved Thursday night, agreeing that the city's stray animal population is out of control and too many pets are being neglected by owners." .....

~Requiring all dogs and cats to be spayed and neutered, except those owned by people with breeder permits issued by the city government. Animals under 4 months old and those exhibiting applicable medical conditions would also be exempt. Breeder permits would cost $500 annually and would subject those in possession to random city inspections. •Allowing city residents to keep no more than six dogs, cats or a combination in a single-family home. Animal foster or rescue operations could keep more upon obtaining permission from the city's animal services director. People with more than six animals would be grandfathered, meaning they would not have to give up pets they own."

Personally, I don't really like unannounced visits from anyone....A phone call to give me a heads up would be nice....How does a breeder continue on with the business of breeding if there are 6 dogs in a program, and there may be two to three litters overlapping....and therefore the breeder has have way more dogs than the ordinance allows....or I guess they are taking that into consideration...hence the breeder fee?

I recognize the problems with strays, and poor care for the many animals that people neglet...I know that laws are for the lawless....I just don't know why the city must impose a 500.00 fee on breeders yearly....when
expenses for them are already high, if they, in fact, are reputable breeders. I think you fine, or shut down the puppy mills, and/or those not following good breeding practices and care....but leave the rest alone.
Registering with the city and charging a fee bugs me....for some reason.
Just more government control, which I am not wild about.

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It is a stupid way to "fix" a perceived problem. The only people who will be following the law (and giving up breeding because of the heavy handed restrictions and fees) are the reputable ones! The puppy mills, brokers and people who don't care...will continue to breed dogs that will end up in shelters!
It is not responsible breeders adding to their "problem", it is (in California) the dog importers and the fighting dogs and the drug guard dogs that are the problem.
Can you imagine the local sheriff going to the drug manufacturer and saying, "I'm here to check your dog's gonads."???? I don't think so...but you can bet that the responsible, legal, caring breeder will get busted because they will try to obey the law.
Lesson learned? Go under the radar! How stupid is that???
Pretty stupid, for sure!!

It hasn't personally affected me yet in San Diego County, though the Los Angeles City Council recently adopted their own version of it. What I am doing is holding off on any expansion like importing a stud dog until this thing is resolved.

Jac is right, it's the reputable breeders who will be put out of business, while puppies will still be smuggled in from Mexico under unthinkable conditions. Ditto the puppy mills. I'd also suspect that many will not license or vaccinate their dogs, to stay under the radar.
So true...I am sorry that your county has a version. What a mess!

I love your avatar of Diva and pups! I can't wait to hear about all of those little new ones any day now!
Not Here Yet, Thank Goodness!

I guess I was a little vague, Jac, please forgive me.

It was Los Angeles city council that enacted it, I think in Van Nuys, under the guidance of none other than their Assemblyman Levine.

I am just being cautious for the statewide version. Have you heard any more about it? I get solicitations all the time, but they don't say much about what the new version of the bill will say. I suspect that PETA will do the same thing they did in NSW, Australia, where they included the ANKC in allowed breeders. I think it was AKC money in the end that killed them here.
Yes, I think that you are right about that. I hope that the AKC continues to is such a ill conceived law! They are pandering to PETA and PETA is nothing but a group of radicals...if the public knew what PETA really stands for, they would be much more suspicious. :roll:

But I am glad that I was mistaken about your county!
Jac, do you feel that AKC is pandering to PETA? I'm hoping that they will recognize PETA's pandering to Them, which I suspect they do, considering the fight that AKC put up last year. I think they'd see through the facade. (Hope!)

Well, we won't get me started on PETA and their actual intentions.

I did see a PETA representative interviewed on TV once, along with a spokeswoman for the fun industry. Quite an interesting piece.

The real eye opener for me was when the interviewer asked PETA why they were just going after furs. She responded that it was sort of the class envy thing where most folks who don't have fur coats would not be that offended at some paint on someone Else's coat, while their Real intention is to use the fur coats as a springboard, from which they can go after things like leather shoes and hamburgers. They don't want Any of us having Anything of leather, much less eat animal protein.

Made me so mad! I won't say what I bought that afternoon, but I will confess that it's dark sable brown, very soft and has kept me cozy and warm on many a winter outing. Even reverses to leather.

Then I called the reporter from the Chicago Tribune who'd been a part of the same interview, and we had a good laugh over it all.
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I am searching the old post on how many breeding dogs you can have etc...if anyone finds the link before me, can you post it?

I was doing a search and found some interesting articles ... otion.html wh/was written just before Los Angeles passed the law.

this article shows some facts/figures etc

and in actuality did this gov in 2005 OPEN the door to what is NOW Seriously going to affect reputable breeders? ... 20Spay.htm

Jac...or any others, i keep searching and view so many other county proposed bills,
this is scary, maddening, sickening and I hope PETA doesn't get a foothold!
It truly is a matter of David and Goliath. My money's on David.
On tonight's news....the whole spay neuter proposal in Dallas will probably have to be tabled until it is reworked....
Tons of people went to City Hall to protest the ordinance they were trying to pass.....saying that irresponsible pet owners will not comply to any new laws...just as they don't now....and that this spay/neuter deal will actually hurt breeders and responsible pet owners....

The breeder's fee of 500.00 was somehow changed to 70.00 annually.
But, it sounds like it must be completely redone to suit the objections voiced by so many.

We have a reprieve for now.
Hallelujah! It's great that Texans are up in arms over this bill. I knew I could count on y'all not to take it lying down. Keep up the good work.

Someone told me that AB1634 in California had gone to a vote recently. Is there any news on that?
The California mandatory spay/neuter law is dead!!
The Senate voted against it!!! This is a HUGE victory...!!!
Alleluia !!!



:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'll be right over!

The California mandatory spay/neuter law is dead!!
The Senate voted against it!!! This is a HUGE victory...!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!!

That IS great news, Jac! Is this dead for good, or will they be back next year? Didn't they table it last year rather than take a vote?

Man, that's a Giant sigh of relief!
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