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We took the puppy home. I feel like I let the puppy down. He just didn't fit in with our family. (You could feel it) We found out he was 5 months old, the breeder had originally said 4 months. I called the breeder today and we both felt that my kids would be come very frustrated trying to get this puppy to be affectionate. We were looking for the "puppy" experience. He probably would of come around-I don't know. Hopefully it will find a loving home that wants a well mannered dog. He also bit me hard last night when we got home-he was really scared from the ride and all the attention. That makes me a bit nervous he might bite someone else since he was so easily startled.

Hopefully we can find another pup to love soon, its funny how you can become attached so quickly. (even if your not getting a response from him!)

Thanks for listening

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feel bad for that puppy..does sound like they had unrealistic expectations without the work and patience..perhaps too, that they were first time dog owners..

like newborns babies..dogs require the household to adapt to the new arrivals..not the other way around..and somewhere down the road they ll find mutual ground and they could look back and just laugh..and say *it was nt that hard..lets get a second*
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