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But Dad, I don't have opposable thumbs! (by Jonah)

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Dad was at work and as usual, I was a little bored and hungry. I was just sniffing his shoe and it fell on the floor. I thought I'd give it a little lick and yep....tasted good. I thought he'd never notice if I chewed it a little. Well, a little turned into a little more, and a little more. Then I was freaking out and decided I better call that in home shoe repair place....they have those, don't they? So being the good boy I am....I got the new phone book that Dad left on the counter for emergencies! Well I don't have opposable thumbs, so I have to use my mouth. That doesn't work to well...try it some time if you don't believe me! Well. here's what Dad came home to....he wasn't too thrilled, but he did have to laugh a little. He called me a Moose....shook his head and said something about if I wasn't so damn cute........ :wink:

Disclaimer......I did do a little re-staging of the evidence since it was compromised by Miko! :wink:
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OH Johna what a day you had. Boy someday maybe my mom will not crate me when she is gone and I'll be able to use the phone book to order a pizza, of course I'll have to call a taxi--no delivery in the country. And because I have a little brother it may be a while longer than I thought, because you know I would tease him being "all crated up". But hey good for you and you must have given them the soulful eyes, or dads shoes weren't that important. Keep up the good work ----Tucker sweet thing. I suspect that there are several doodles out there that will now spend a few more months being crated during the day :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: And where was Miko during this???
She was in her crate. I don't even want to think of the havoc created with the 2 of them loose together!! :shock:
Jonah just tell Dad that you missed him and you were so upset that you put his shoe by Miko's cage and she ate it so you tried to call to have it fixed so she didn't get in trouble!!! Then you tried to call Dad and that didn't work so you destroyed the phone book to make it look like you did everything. That's what happened right?
Dear Jonah ...
At least you tried to fix everything for Dad. I think that was very nice of you.
This morning I took a fresh loaf of bread off the counter and took it into FoodLady (who was still sleeping).
I thought she might like some toast. FoodGuy took it away from me and said "No"!
But I was trying to be nice .... just like you!
Our 'nice' (of carefully arranged shredded pieces of paper or clothes or shoes or pillows)
is just a little different from their 'nice' (of everything tidy, undamaged and in place).
I just wanted to let you know that I understand and applaud you for
continuing the effort to make things 'doodle nice' for your Dad.
Woofs and Licks,
Your Friend Ebbe
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Gene, please tell me those aren't Merrell's, cause if they are, Jonah's going on the most expensive jaws list with Dexter!
Jonah, were you really calling shoe repair? You actually opened to the page that says "Call before you dig" with that picture of Ohio below. You wanted to be sure do the right thing before you buried dads shoe in the yard. I think you are such a good citizen!! :wink: :wink:
I think he was doing that for Miko, so she can plan her outside gardening!
See ... he is just Mr. Courteous to all!

Hey Jonah buddy
Its like you said , you do not have thumbs
and it is difficult to change the pages...............
compared to what I have seen you do....oops (I mean
what the bad guys did when you were just minding your own buisiness)
I'd say that phone book is pretty tame stuff

Your buddy
Colorado(aka Denver)
Jonah Jonah're SO lucky you're CUTE!!! :twisted:
LOL it's as bad as having children.
Dear Jonah,
We all agree that you were acting in the very best of intentions and we also agree that you have a most loving daddy...
Nothing tastes better than shoes...unless it is underwear, socks, food stolen from the counter...or poop! People just don't get it.
But, at least your daddy loves you enough to laugh. That's a pretty good daddy in our book!
The Back Porch Gang
JONAH BUDDY!!!!!! are so COOL man, and you know you are my hero!!! You did a great job on your Dad's shoe....come on KNOW you weren't going to call a shoe can't READ!!!! My girl Miko really ripped the book, and you're just coverin up for her...right Buddy?? Hahaha....she probably chewed the shoe too, but bein the good bro that you are you're not lettin her take the fall...right man???...hahaha.....way to go Jonah...keep up the good work!!!!

Yer pal,
Raleigh!!! :wink:

P.S....the only thing I did last night was eat the cooked broccoli that was on the table...Mom shouldn't have left the table in the first place... she caught me eatin it on the couch....after I smacked my lips, she said 'Well Raleigh, I hope you don't have any green poops tomorrow!!!! Wonder what she meant by that???' :shock:
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Hey Jonah,

You know if you dial 411 the phone people will give you the number and even dial it for you? Try that next time you need to get Dad's shoe repaired. Saves on the phone books. Works for ordering pizza too.

I don't know if they speak dog though. You might end up with the groomers or maybe the vet, so maybe that's not a good idea.

Better luck next time.

Your friend,
Jonah you need to tell Dad to leave the TV on for you when he leaves and maybe the computer so you could talk to us during the day, then maybe you wouldnt get so darned bored - Mom leaves her laptop on the couch so I could chat with you anytime :wink:

Broccoli Raleigh? Wasnt there any steak or chicken up there???

Love Annabelle
Yeah Raleigh broccoli yuck, tried it once
Mom kept blaming Dad for smelling up the room
but I know it was me. She thinks I can do no wrong(Yippee)

Just me
Jonah buddy, I think you did an AWESOME JOB!! high 5 to you!!
and next time call the Petstore 1st, order up some bones, bully sticks
and other treats THEN rip the shoe repair page
so your dad THINKS you tried to help out , if not let MIKO do it but make sure she has muddy paws so it's HER prints on the book :wink:

and Raliegh is one healthy doodle, as for me i prefer pizza and pork tenderloin cooling off on the kitchen counter.

Jonah, want Peanut to visit? she sure can compete with you on shoes, books, magazines, rugs, end tables, and the list continues.
OH you can send Miko here in exhange for Peanut :D

your pal ,
Max who only chews edibles :wink:
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Bwahahahahaha....I guess I liked the broccoli cause I ATE IT ALL!!!!! Every last bite! Unfortunately, I left some black hairs in the bowl, so she knew it was me!!! Nothing else on the was only Lean Cuisine anyway...(Mom's trying to shed a lot of pounds :shock: ) Too bad she can't shed the pounds like I shed my hair!!! :wink:
Dextersmommy said:
Gene, please tell me those aren't Merrell's, cause if they are, Jonah's going on the most expensive jaws list with Dexter!
Walmart knock-offs. I bought them to slip into to take the kids out in the yard, so I guess I bought them for Jonah.... :roll:

Jonah said he found the number of shoe repair, but couldn't reach the phone, so in frustration...... :wink:
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