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Buffy is Home!

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I posted this earlier, but for some reason it didn't show up.......more learning curve.

Well, we're home, and she is settling in so great! What an amazing little pupster. She is so good, and calm. Only problem is the rain and getting her to potty. We're all wet, but she hasn't gone potty (except for poo on the kitchen floor) since this afternoon. I guess these things take time!!!

She is really doing great, and Buster is doing great too. He's being very tolerant and interested in her.

The kids are going nuts, naturally.

All around, so far, she is amazing!

I'll have to see if I can capture a good picture of her tail. It's a scream - kind of curly-q's off to the left. It looks almost like it was put on crooked. She's just the cutest thing in the world!

Thanks to everyone for your warm wishes and encouragement. What an exciting time!
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How cute! Looks like she's got a best friend already! When I got Jonah, he didn't potty well for the first couple of days....yes poop in the kitchen. Time and love is what it takes. Got lucky with Miko, She peed in the house 3 times the first evening, but all outside since, no problem. Unless there's a juicy stick...... :wink:
Wonderful pictures Betty.
Everybody, animal & people have happy faces.
Buffy just found herself a great life :wink: :wink:
OK Buffy is completely adorable and melts my heart!!!

how old is buffy again//
max at 13 weeks old was easy to housetrain....peanut well we're still working on that one hahahhhaa she's doing better with tethering her to me and/or DAVE almost 24/7 hahhahahahhaa then again bladder control happens at different ages for dogs

i guess for us at my house we'll take listening to sit, settle, stay, drop it , NO, and who goes first? over housetraining anyday as that eventually happens (outside) hahahhahahaa
Great pictures Betty, Buffy is adorable and looks so happy to have a forever home :)
Betty congratulations she is adorable. Looks like everyone is content. Can't wait to hear more stories and see more photos!
Good morning Betty,
Just curious haw the first night went? Any midnight dashes outside in the cold?
aww, what a doll! You know of course I'm partial to blondes.

Dexter's tail does the same thing, and we saw his twin in a Labradoodle book the other night at Petco, and it was the same. I guess it's a doodle thing, but it sure is cute.

I think you made a wise decision. Welcome and we're looking forward to dozens of doodle stories and pics from newest mom.
Buffy is beautiful! She could be Buster's daughter! Gorgeous coloring on both of them and together they look fabulous! Congratulations!!!
She's a little cutie Betty! Congratulations! What a great family and home to come to! How's Buster doing...any jealousy yet? We have to hug and kiss Molly before we hug Raleigh, because she get's this 'oh so sad' :( look on her face like we've abandoned her if we show Raleigh attention before know how labs are....let Buster know that he's still number one doggie, and hasn't been replaced! Lavish him with praise and hugs and he'll be fine....annnnnnnd welcome to Doodleville!
Kathie,Raleigh & Molly
Well, that was a long night. The first night home we got barely a whimper at bedtime. Last night is was all out bark-a-rama. Pee in the crate, whole new puppy night time antics. My night on the couch was less than what I consider a good night's sleep, but I can only hope that this will be short lived!
So potty training and crate training are a little more of a challenge that I thought they'd be with a 5 month old, but I guess really she is starting from scratch.
She and Buster are getting along very well. She seems to respect Buster's space and Buster tolerates Buffy very well.
Once we get her reliably potty trained, we'll be in a whole other place. That's probably when the chewing will start :)
She's definitely settling in and getting more comfortable.
Hey - does anyone have any experience with their dood being weary of the door?
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yes betty i hear you and have sympathy. Peanut didn't sleep thru the night for 2 weeks :roll: then we had to work on bathing and blowing drying her when she did pee in her crate hahahhaha
she looked more like a fluffer nutter afterwards.

Teh fear of doors, sliding doors and so on...well i don't make much of it and would just walk by like nothing and eventually they did too. in the beginning i do pick them up and carry them thru for the 1st 2 or 3 times after that they're learn to walk on thru. :roll:

it takes time Betty,new home, new surrounding, new playmate, new rules etc.
She is a heart-melter!
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