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hey, all.....we got 4 beauties today!

My vet called this big guy BRINDLE but with the look being one of black tipping, not striping like a brindle with that 'tiger' look, I wonder if this big guy is a sable instead?
The exciting part is that he is a PHANTOM as well!
I'll show the phantom markings after he starts moving around.
I have a phantom girl I'm keeping my eye on, especially with how her fur photographs....she's in the middle of the 3 black puppies.
THoughts??? All opinions welcome!

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Hello... Im new to the doodles thats for sure but the color I see is sable... I used to breed collies and shelties about ten years ago with my mother so I know sable when I see it lol... There is not brindle marking that I see... I could be wrong as I dont see any older pics yet but it really looks like sable to me... How old are they now?? and do you have any more pics especially of the face and the rest of the body for better color markings I may be able to see... Looks like it will be a reddish sable when grown up... "maybe"
A girlfriend who breeds Std. poodles, got this this little beauty out of a Chocolate Party & a party factored white....she calls it a Sable.(it is a standard Poodle)

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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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