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hey, all.....we got 4 beauties today!

My vet called this big guy BRINDLE but with the look being one of black tipping, not striping like a brindle with that 'tiger' look, I wonder if this big guy is a sable instead?
The exciting part is that he is a PHANTOM as well!
I'll show the phantom markings after he starts moving around.
I have a phantom girl I'm keeping my eye on, especially with how her fur photographs....she's in the middle of the 3 black puppies.
THoughts??? All opinions welcome!

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THANK YOU, everyone!

The breeders' forum and more expert-than-me breeders say he's a SABLE.

Here's a helpful website built by some poodle people, if anyone wants to see more examples of phantom, sable, brindle, etc... ... Colors.htm

OF COURSE I will post more pictures!!

At 2 days old, Fancy will let me say hi to her, and even move a puppy to a better spot to nurse but unless she's willing to go outside, I don't think we'll get pictures for a day or two. :wink:

On weeks like this one, this IS the best job in the world.
I wish it was always this good!
( I was recounting to the vet techs how I had been in with Jasmine and spaying 2 dogs I had counted on for breeding since Fancy's last litter!)

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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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