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Breeding ?

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My female labradoodle is at another breeders to be bred. It seems that she is not warming up to the male poodle she is fenced with but is putting on a show for the Great Pyrenese outside the fence. Is it just that she isn't ready to accept breeding? This breeder has only bred her own dogs and this is first time stud service for both of us. Will Lucy warm up to this male poodle eventually? They have been together for 1 week and we took her when she had noticable show for 2-3 days. It seems that there is still time to me. Any input would be appreciated.
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Sorry, Becky, I use my own stud so I can't really help...did you check your girl's progesterone level?
Hi Becky, where in Kansas are you located? I'm also in Ks., what breeder did you get Lucy from? Did you purchase Lucy as breeding stock?
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