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Breeders...Question on Puppy Coats

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Quick question.... I'm getting really worried & stressed out that people are going to be disappointed in the coats of Daisy's F1 pups. Everyone wants a fluffy fleece coat and I am extremely honest and upfront with every little thing. I've even told some people that I think they should get an F1B or a multi gen instead of an F1. I would rather they be totally happy with a dog from another breeder than unhappy with one of mine. On some of these pups, you can see a slight wave or ripple of hair, and even the "stripe" down the back that has been mentioned before. Is that a sign that it will be more of a fleece coat or is there no way to tell at this point? At 4 weeks are you able to tell the coat type better? That is when I'm having people come and pick out their specific puppy so I'm hoping they will be able to tell. Help! A stressed out breeder!! :?

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Feel free to show those pics to anyone or have them contact me and I can "sell" them on F1 because that is my favorite, personality-wise!
I love the F1's and was told that Denver would probably shed,
Did not matter to us as we have no alergy problems.
Turns out though that Denver(10 months) does not shed one bit so I would hate to see potential buyers turn away from the F1's based on the shedding factor although I do understand that they are more likely to shed.
Too bad they turn away cause this is what they could be missing out on.

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Above pictures of Denver when he was six weeks old
and now at 10 months
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