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Breeder vs. Family Dog Standards

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Hi. We plan to buy a Labradoodle for our familiy pet as soon as the breeder has one available for us. I've read a lot of great information on this forum and spoken to several breeders about the importance of testing for eyes, hips, vWb, etc.. One of the breeders I spoke to mentioned that there is a different standard a breeder is looking for when purchasing a puppy then would be expected for a dog being purchased as a family pet.

My question is - assuming the puppy I get has good test results for vWB, hips, eyes of the parent dogs, how often, if at all, do I need to have my dog tested for these problems once I own it? Or is this something only breeders do for dogs they plan to breed?
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amy , if you are getting a doodle just to be a family member/pet then you don't need to test the doodle at all.

Breeders test a adult dog to make sure the hips, elbows, eyes etc are good to being clear and noncarriers and so on.

a breeder looks at puppies differently cause that's what they do; breed for optimal temperament, health, coat for nonshedding and color

whereas when you look at a puppy you should try to put TEMPERAMENT aka personality at top of list, look at the one you would love and fit in your family and heart easily

good luck!!!

and I now have 3 doodles
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