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Breeder vs. Family Dog Standards

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Hi. We plan to buy a Labradoodle for our familiy pet as soon as the breeder has one available for us. I've read a lot of great information on this forum and spoken to several breeders about the importance of testing for eyes, hips, vWb, etc.. One of the breeders I spoke to mentioned that there is a different standard a breeder is looking for when purchasing a puppy then would be expected for a dog being purchased as a family pet.

My question is - assuming the puppy I get has good test results for vWB, hips, eyes of the parent dogs, how often, if at all, do I need to have my dog tested for these problems once I own it? Or is this something only breeders do for dogs they plan to breed?
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Normally just general folks dont do testing unless there are issues

breeders are tested
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