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Breeder in Colorado

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Hi! I have been looking for a breeder in Colorado and I only found a couple-the puppies they are selling though are too expensive for us so if someone in this forum knows a reputable breeder of affordable F1 or F1B labradoodles (price less than a thousand dollars) please help me. Thank you and I will really appreciate your help.

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Hi Maila,
I was going through the posts to see if any have been unanswered and found yours! I am so sorry that your post slipped past us!
Most Labradoodles do cost more than $1000 but you can find a few within your price range. You may have to ship the puppy though.
One of our breeders is in your area. I don't think her Doods are less than $1000 but perhaps she can help you locate someone...(Maureen? Can you help?)
I would suggest that you contact a rehome source. They are great dogs, less money and the dogs really need, and appreciate, good and loving homes.
I hope this helps!
colorado breeder ...

You know, if the price of a doodle keeps you away from your dream dog, you might try contacting breeders and asking about a guardian home. You would, typically, take the dog into your home, free of charge, the breeder retains ownership of the puppy for a certain amount of time, you would care for it on a daily basis, vet costs may or may not be covered by the breeder, and then when it goes into heat the breeder takes the dog to his home and then it whelps and after the litter is gone, you get the puppy back. After the determinate time has ended, ownership is turned over to you and the breeder pays for the spaying or neutering. You get a doodle, by sweat equity!!! Try,, and -- too!! bevyn
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Very good post, Bevyn. You are exactly correct and this is an excellent option.
Welcome to the forum!
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