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Breed for young kids

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What is a good breed for young kids?
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I am writing an article for this forum regarding how to find a good breeder...but the question of finding a dog for your children is not part of that discussion so I wanted to respond.
I love the answers you have so far!
There is an important article about dogs and kids that really helps (of course I disagree with the parts about mixed breed dogs, because they can be well bred, as in doodles...but they can also be poorly bred...then again, so can pure bred dogs!) ... C=0&A=2229
Much of how a dog relates to a child comes from the temperament and training of the dog...but something not considered often is that dogs WILL act aggressively if a child is allowed to mistreat them. So, if you want a good, loving companion for your children, make sure that your dog understands that you will protect him/her too...if your dog trusts that you will be protective, then it will have less reason to growl or, worse yet, bite.
Teach your children not to get on the floor with the puppy until the pup is trained that your children are not littermates! Teach them not to play tug of war games or chasing games. When the puppy grows, these games are not fun any more for small children and can become dangerous...but the puppy will not understand that if it is not taught early on.
Best wishes!
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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