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Boone's new house.

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Well...Boone was getting too big for his medium sized crate, so it was time for an upgrade!
These things are expensive! So instead of going up, bit by bit we decided to go for the x-large model so he will have the same house forever. He's also getting very reliable with his housetraining, and has never even once soiled his crate so I wasn't scared about it being too big.
It's a pet carrier, approved by airlines for travel (just incase) and it's plastic this time, instead of wire.
I find he sleeps more soundly when the crate is covered, so I figure might as well have it a "den" like setting all the time.
The other benefit is, I can pick this one up and assemble it in the back of the jeep when we want to take him places with us ie camping...etc.

So there it is! That's the exact model....It's a big one....and he looks so cute in it!!
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Hey Tina, I don't know how these posts slip past us sometimes! Sorry that I didn't respond...because I think that the crate you selected looks wonderful! I like the food/water dishes on top!
How is it going? Does Boone like it? Do you still?
Hey Jac,

Yes Boone likes his new home....and I do too.
The shedding hair get static stuck to the side of the walls so it makes cleaning it easy!
We just bought Gunner a travel kennel for camping...I'll have to use it when he starts to shed. Great tip!
I am glad that Gunner likes his crate...and an added bonus, easy clean up! :lol:
We have both kinds of crates...the wire and the plastic and our dogs like them both. It seems that when they really want to be left alone, they go to the plastic travel crate. It makes a good den for them!
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