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Yeah Boone was close to 15lbs at 9.5 weeks.
Alot of the pics are from when he was really young too...only a few very recent ones on there.

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing! I love the flash bulb blink!!! Too cute.
I think that they weigh so much because they are solid muscle. It sure isn't fat, but they get heavy...they are very, very strong. Even my Bayley (who only weighs 44 lbs at a year and a half) is extremely athletic and Lexie has a large chest and boxy face like a Lab. It is amazing!
Boone is a cutie pie!

Ya it sure isn't fat at all.
Everytime the vet sees him, she says he's a little underweight since we can feel so much of his ribs.
He eats so much so I don't get it at all!! I guess he just uses it up as fast as it goes in.
He's right now eating almost 4 cups a day. He's eating us out of house and home! hahah

It's me Tina, sorry forgot to log in
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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