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Hi guys, boy I am sorry about the pain your puppies are in...but no, they do not do this for sympathy.
In fact, dogs do not show pain unless it is extreme. Most often, even when a leg is broken, the dog will not show weakness. Why? Because in the wild, that make them vulnerable. They become easy prey.
Please, please, whenever your dog seems to be in so much pain...take it extremely seriously. It is far better to pay a vet bill and have the dog declared "fine" than to put it off and let your little guy go through it if it turns out to be serious.
You are both doing the right thing in calling your vet.
Many times, on this forum, people have written in with the same dog is limping, is it serious? And every time I give the same advice and, if I recall, every time the puppy has had a broken leg, hip problems...or some other injury.
I am always glad for an opportunity to remind owners about this...but always sad to know they are hurt. It is not your fault, of course, and you are doing the right thing in calling the vet and asking for feedback from others.
Please keep us posted!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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