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Boone hurt his leg!

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We took him for his first real walk last night, he did fabulousy, and even slacked the lead a few times!
It was about 30 mins, and we were back in the yard. He was happy to be home so he jumped up at me and came down in a weird way I guess. He just crumpled to the ground and started whimpering and making the worst noises I've ever heard.
Thankfully my boyfriend was there too and as I ran for the emergency vets phone number (why do things like this happen after business hours all the time?!), he picked Boone up and brought him indoors.
I was shaking and in tears, and Boone was feeling not much better than me I think. So we put him on the couch (which he usually isn't allowed on but will be from now on) and waited to see what he would do.
My boyfriend started to touch the leg (front right) very gently to see if there would be a reaction at all, and there wasn't. So he did it a little more firmly, no reaction. Pressure on the whole leg from the shoulder to the toenail, and no reaction at all! We decided to put him on the floor and he could decide if he wanted to stand. He did, limped around, wouldn't really put pressure on it at all.
I got his bone, and held it for him to chew...which he did for about 25 mins. Then he just got up, walked away and had a drink..barely a limp at all!
If it's back this morning, or seems at all worse we will take him right to the vet.
Is it possible that he just scared himself into acting so hurt? He sure scared me, I couldn't believe how tiny he looked laying in the backyard whimpering.
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Tina, Toby did the same thing on Sunday. Twisted the front right leg when he was chasing his ball. He made a pretty big fuss, but recovered rapidly....Surely they wouldn't play the sympathy factor????? Anyway, I had him to the dr. on Monday for his eye and she looked at the leg - nothing to be found. I think they are just so awkward as pups that they twist things a lot. Boone may have mistakenly thought that you punished him for jumping up and thus he was hurt emotionally as well. You are right to just keep a close watch on it. Toby really can be dramatic about some things though.
Well I just got an email update from home...he's still limping this morning, so he's going to see the doctor at 10:40am
I'm hoping it's a sprain!
Hi guys, boy I am sorry about the pain your puppies are in...but no, they do not do this for sympathy.
In fact, dogs do not show pain unless it is extreme. Most often, even when a leg is broken, the dog will not show weakness. Why? Because in the wild, that make them vulnerable. They become easy prey.
Please, please, whenever your dog seems to be in so much pain...take it extremely seriously. It is far better to pay a vet bill and have the dog declared "fine" than to put it off and let your little guy go through it if it turns out to be serious.
You are both doing the right thing in calling your vet.
Many times, on this forum, people have written in with the same dog is limping, is it serious? And every time I give the same advice and, if I recall, every time the puppy has had a broken leg, hip problems...or some other injury.
I am always glad for an opportunity to remind owners about this...but always sad to know they are hurt. It is not your fault, of course, and you are doing the right thing in calling the vet and asking for feedback from others.
Please keep us posted!
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Well the vet said it looks like just a sprain, to try to keep him inactive for a few days and a couple baby asprins for pain.
If it doesn't get better, we'll have xrays, but she said she very very much doubts he's done anything serious :D
I agree!!
It's hard keeping a puppy inactive!
The things these guys get into......
I know this post is a little late and I'm glad it was just a sprain and he is doing better. Just a reminder dogs and puppies will feed off our emotions and I know if your pup is hurt you will be upset naturally but they do know when you are showing emotions and will play off that also. Not that Boone was doing this just thought I would add this for future minor things. :wink:
Glad that it is just a sprain!!!
How's Boone doing? I know how hard inactivity can be to accomplish.
Hi Tina, How is Boone's leg? Is he all better? I worry about Sawyer's joints as we live upstairs on stilts and he has to negotiate the stairs several times a day. He usually takes them easy, but I do get very upset with him when he tries to fly down chasing the cat. :roll:
Boone's leg is much better, thanks for asking more limping, but I'm still carrying him down stairs when I can catch him!
People think that I am ridiculous, but I still don't let Toby get in/out of the car by himself. I lift him. I still carry him up and down steps as well....just got too scared too early.
People think that I am ridiculous, but I still don't let Toby get in/out of the car by himself. I lift him. I still carry him up and down steps as well....just got too scared too early.
I'm the same way- Abbie goes up and down the steps and gets in and out of the car by herself, but I have been known to be "neurotic" and overly cautious with Abbie. The way I look at it, you can never be too cautious with your precious beings!! Gald to know that I am not the only one out there!
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