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Most vets and worry warts like me are concerned about the fractured teeth, intestenal obstructions, perforations, bacterial infections of the abdomen, salmonella, other pathogenic organisms, worms, neospora caninum (that causes blindness and paralysis) and death caused by raw diets. For me it is just too risky!

There are many superior dog foods on the market that offer the benefits of not cooking all the nutrients out of their food, while still maintaining a exceptionally well balanced, nutritional diet for canines. I could never provide a complete diet and add the proper supplements like the companies that have spent generations researching just that. I am a prime example of what happens when I put the diet together, a little more butter here, what about dessert and overweight and out of shape--LOL! My dogs deserve better than my limited expertise in this area.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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