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Bolwing puppy coat

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I have a question about Lani blowing her puppy coat. Is she too young, she was 4 months on the 25th. Do they loose the coat in clumps? Lani has a spot on her left side where she looks like she has been shaved, it is about a 3in x 2in area. The fur that is there is darker than the rest of her fur. We have been finding clumps of hair on the carpet over the last week or so. We want ot make sure this is normal and not a sign of something else. Thanks.
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Hi Lisa,
I don't believe this is normal...I have never seen clumps of hair off of my dogs...they shed and at times shed heavily (blowing their coat) but I think that what you are describing would warrant a visit to the vet.
Sorry...wish I could reassure you. It could be nothing, but I am just not aware of this happening.
I don't think this is normal either I would be calling the Vet tomorrow just to be on the safe side. :(
what is this blowing their coat? I have never heard this term mentioned before. Maybe we call it something different in the UK
I heard from the vet today and he is not concerned, says she is just loosing her puppy coat. There is no irritation and she is not scratching at the spot. The fur coming in is much darker so I have no idea what she will look like in a couple of months.

Here is another question about fur. She has a longer wavy coat could she end up with shorter fur as an adult? I hope not I love her coat!!
Angie, in the US we talk about the time when a pup sheds it's puppy coat and it is replaced with an adult coat. Generally this happens between 8 and 12 months of age.

Lisa, it is possible that the coat can be different (shorter) but I would say that it isn't likely. In my experience, the adult coat has come in longer, thicker and curlier. Lexie lost her coat because of nursing and it is now rather short, but thick and shiny...and I think it will grow in to be lush like her coat before.

Thank you for the reassurance. We would love her no matter what she looked like but I just LOVE HER COAT!

I recieved some photos of one of Lani's litter mates (the runt) and he looks just like her but is a little smaller. It was fun to see, if I had had the money and time I would have taken him home also!!! I'm glad he has a good family!
Thanks Jac you are a mind of information
Angie is there a different term in the UK for the transition from puppy coat to adult coat? do tell us!

by the way, can I say how I enjoy your participation in this forum? :D
Do all puppys shed their first coat and grow a new one? The age seems to vary - according to this thread anyway - one at only four months and some at eight months. Sadie is 6 months and has not shed anything yet, although her coat is longer, straighter and fluffier than it was when she was very young. Now, the hair on her back looks like it's in loose dreadlocks, unless we brush it out, then it looks straighter.

Anyway, just wondered when to expect the 'blowing" of the puppy coat.
Hi Jannie,
I think that what happens is that some people get dogs that shed...period. And they like to think that the dog is blowing its puppy coat...while in reality, I think that if the pup is shedding much before 7 months, it is likely going to be a light shedder.
Dogs do lose their puppy coats around one year, give or take a few months.
Labradoodle breeding is not an exact science...which is why so many people have a problem with it...but until the breed standards are adopted and accepted, you will see a huge variety of coat quality and consistency. This is not to say that it is a bad thing...I have F1s, as do many others, and they have some of the most wonderful traits of Labradoodles...but most often they do shed. Next is the F1B (which I breed) where the Poodle is brought back into the mix again to produce a more consistent coat...still not precice though (I had one puppy that looked exactly like a Lab...and he did shed.) The multigen is a best choice for coat consistency...but you pay quite a bit more for that quality too...
That's why you see so many price differences, so many different breeders, so many different looks, and such a wide variety of coats...including the shedding and "blowing" of the puppy coat.
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