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Bogie barked for the first time today!!

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I am so thrilled! It happened so unexpectedly. I had bought a small soccer ball and a small basketball at Petco. They're bigger then a tennis ball and you stuff a treat in them. They roll kind of funny.
He started leaping in the air, lunging at them, crawling on his belly toward them and then barked!.......... :lol: ...........I think his own bark startled him and he kind of looked around and then felt comfortable barking and playing! Absolutely cracked me up! He is so darn cute!!
It's like baby's first word..........I'm such a sap! :lol:
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awwwwww how sweet - you need to post some new pics :wink:
Aren't puppies just the greatest???? Gotta have more pics of Bogie please!!! :wink:
=ROFL I remember that bark... in fact, I think I wrote a post similar to yours when Sandy was a baby!!

Now just wait... those cute little puppy barks that we enjoy so much eventually mature and turns into big barks that we constantly have to remind to "HUSH" so enjoy it now!
That must have been so cute to see :lol: :lol:
Once they start, they never stop :oops:
hahaha I LOVE it --- the 1st BARK!!! and then the 2nd, 3rd hahaha and it never stops folks :wink: hahahhaaaa

HOW cute Lindamarie!!! post some pics or video when you get time :D
Glad you can recall the special moment. He's only done it a couple of times today. Once was when our neighbor came over. I was holding him on my lap. The neighbor, who had been out of town since our Springer was put down, said, "I thought you guys would wait a month or two before you got another dog."..........Bogie let out a big puppy bark at siad OOPS...shouldn't have said that!
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