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Boarding Question

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I would like everyones opinion on this. I can board Bella at one of two places (I visited 5 and narrowed it to these 2).

The first one:
Walked outside 2 times per day on outside path that is coated with a 'special draining astroturf' material for when they do their business, 15 minute playtime once a day alone with staff member, no other dogs.

The second one:
This also includes 2 walks per day to an inside dog relief area designed to give them cues that it is ok to go potty there. I can add full day doggy day care where she can play with 15 other dogs from 9am to 5pm. Or I can add 2 half hour group play times per day. She would not be outside the whole week at this facility.

Everything else is very comparable. Someone always on site 24 hours/day, good ventilation, certified care givers.
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Well Linda
I asked Denver this one and he says that he would want the
chance to play with other dogs. :wink: :wink:

Max and Peanut second Denver's motion: to have play time with other doggies :D
Hahaha, the question looks really like a no brainer when I see it all typed out :D Of course she wants to play with the other doggies, right? It will be safe, right? They temperament test each one before letting them play. I feel like a new Mommy sending her child to preschool. :lol: Is 9am to 5 pm too long?
It is a little further to take her here, but it is cheaper than the other one :lol:
Jonah says...BRING ON THE DOGS!!

Miko says.....DON'T EVER LEAVE ME!! But if you have to....1 person and outside please!!
Thanks everyone! next question:
She can go into a regular 'room' with a sheepskin blanket and half walls with fencing above the walls (more noisy)
or she can go into a 'suite' with full walls, a tv, a raised bed (that she might not like) and a raised water/food bowl.
The suite is $10/ day more.
Opt for the first.....second would spoil her and you'll have to remodel....she'll be used to the lap of luxury!! :lol:
Hi Linda,

I guess you already decide on #2 (that would have been my vote). We took Dex to doggy daycare on Christmas and they slept in a group room (I don't think he did much sleeping). I'd probably do the regular room cause I'm not convinced Dexter would care at all about the extra things :)

I got a chuckle at the descriptions of what the suite includes :) That sounds like a good vacation for her!
Thanks everyone!
#2 is actually a new PetSmart Hotel opening nationwide (Coming soon to everyone :lol: )
the pottying inside worries me a bit, but thats just me.

when I boarded I had found a place that was a doggy day care/ night boarding so ALL day the dogs were out among each other and the had couces and everything it was so sweet!
After failures with two different kennels boarding our mini Labradoodle, Tate, over the holidays we settled on Petsmart for the third time. I was also concerned with being indoors the entire time and getting confused on going out to potty after he got home. We never had any problems and we continue to take him there for doggie daycare and boarding when we are away. The staff knows and loves him and we get personal treatment which I love. I have never had a bad experience with them. As for doggie daycare, Tate always comes home happy and tired. There is nothing better for him than a day of play with other dogs!
Thanks ewags! I was hoping someone would chime in with a good experience. I will tour the boarding facility this weekend. I'm not too concerned with her forgetting to potty outside when she comes home, I just wonder how they keep everything sanitary inside? Though I bet their procedures are even better than the kennels that have outside potty areas because otherwise the smell would be terrible, right?

At Petsmart, they disinfect immediately if there are accidents during playtime. Then during the rest period, 12-1, they sanitize all the play areas before releasing the dogs back in. I have been in the store when they are sanitizing and they take great care in the job. They do the same thing in the 'potty room', too. It makes me feel much better to know that Tate is playing in a clean environment. I hope this helps. If you decide to take Bella there I hope she has a great time!

Also, there is always a staff member in the playroom when they are playing. They stimulate the dogs if necessary with pull toys, etc. and break up any rough play.
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