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Blue Skin???

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:? I have a 12 week old black F1 labradoodle and today when I was parting his skin to apply flea stuff, I noticed that his skin looked blue. It is not blue on his belly or the underside of his ears though. My first thought was when people have blue skin, it is NEVER good :shock: Is that just the color of a black dogs skin? I'm new to this breed and to be honest, he is my first dog EVER! Sorry for sounding stupid, and thanks for your responses.....This site has been a great resource for me. Leslie
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Hi Leslie,
I am not a color expert but the blue skin is normal and is coming from the poodle part of your puppy. I think it may mean that your puppy may 'silver' out as he gets older, but as i said I am not sure. The silver will have a blue tint to it.
I did find this about blue poodles:
"The outer coat of a blue poodle is nearly as dark as that of a black, but their inner coat is a mix of colors. The amount of each color depends on the age of the dog. In middle-aged dog, medium brown predominates. Blues may take several years to "clear" and remain darker than silvers. Many are registered as black."
Blue Labradoodles are quite rare and it is determined (by some standards) according to the blue coloring in the skin...and also by silvering in the coat.
So, not only is blue skin in a Labradoodle NOT a bad may, in fact, make your doodle a very rare color! :D
Hmmm, I have noticed that he is not as black as he was when he was just brought home, (at 8 weeks). He is starting to get lighter colored fur on his legs and around his sweet face. I originally thought he was just 'dusty' since he loves to roll around in the dirt WAY more often then I would like.. :D If he is going to change color, will it be after his puppy fur is gone? And, when does that occur? I heard between 8 and 12 months, is that about right? I guess it really does'nt matter..I love him no matter what color he turnes out to be. I am just relieved that his blue skin is not a result of any health issues...Thanks SO much! Leslie
Their coats change at various times...many begin at an early age, around 8-10 weeks, some wait until about 3 months...but the process continues for about 3 years before it is complete.
It is really fun to watch! And I think that they are beautiful.
I have posted pictures before, but here is a picture of my Lexie when she was small and as she is now...she is blue and very pretty!

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Wow! She IS beautiful. I can see that she is lighter in the same places that Calvin is going lighter. I will try to post another pic of my boy. It is about time I took some more pictures of him anyway... :lol:
I'll look forward to the pictures of Calvin!
O.K., I can't seem to remember exactly how I did it last time, but I'll try anyway. I took these of Calvin today. He will barely sit still on a good day, much less when I'm trying to take his picture. :wink:

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O.K., well that didn't work!! LOL :lol:
How about this?

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Bandi keeps changing colors too! Her hair also has just recently gotten longer and curlier. She started out very black, started turning sort of brownish red, and now she's getting a little grayer. Her back is still VERY black.
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Bandi is almost 6 months. DOB 2-11-06. She was completely black when we got her at 12 weeks.

Sry for the large picture. Tried to shrink it, but haven't had any luck.
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Well,m I look froward to seeing how Calvin will 'turn out". He is starting to turn grey-ish on his legs and by his ears. I took him to the vet today and he weighs 28 pounds!!! He is only 13 weeks old! Oh My Gosh, how big will he be? He's all leg at this point, though. Gangly, really...Gotta love it! Leslie
Our little guy, Toby is 18 weeks old and is 38 pounds. He was 21 at 11 weeks. Our Lani was 11.7 pounds at 11 weeks. She is 7 months and about 50 pounds. We think he is going to be a big boy. Sounds like your's will be also.:lol:
Sorry about the size. LOL, I am kinda computer illiterate, so I feel pretty good that it got there at all....Leslie
He's adorable! :D
Calvin is PRECIOUS! :D
Everyone always comments about Bandi's long (and gangly) legs. She's just starting to grow into them now. She uses her legs to move soccer balls and other things. I've had labs mywhole life and I've never seen them do this! I'm guessing it's the poodle in her!
HI guys! I got a new job and have been very busy at work and have not gotten on the forum as much as I woudl like...

BUT... I wanted to ask Leslie where she got Calvin from? He is ADORABLE and I believe looks a lot like Sammy and seems to be about the same age. Sammy was born Dec 5 and shes from Cheyenne Valley. She was black when we got her and is now silvering/blue-ing... I still don't know which, but I think I favor the blue since shes more of a dark gray than a silver.

Here're pics when we brought her home:

And before we got her groomed at 6-7 months:

and then after the grooming you can see that the newer fur is much lighter:

She is 8 months now and it is only now really noticeable.
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