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Does your doodle bite at peoples hands?

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Biting Problems! HELP!

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Lately Riley wont stop biting people's hands. We have told him no many times but he wont stop. The other day we were ice skating and he was biting our hands and coats and pulling us around on the ice, he even ripped some gloves up! I don't know what to do... got any advice?
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Biting or any bad habits

Hi, I wanted share with you a trick that I have cured my Mojo from his bad habit of humbing and biting me. Get a empty soda can, and fill it with tiny rocks. Tape it secure, and put it in your pocket. Everytime your doodle bites....shake the can and say "NO". They hate the sound, and will think twice before the attempt to do the bad behavior.

I take Mojo every Sunday for puppy training, and my trainer also told everybody that the soda can is a excellent way of training any bad habit.

Good luck and have a doodle day,
Mojo and the can

I just wanted to let you all know that the "CAN" really works. He also had a habit of jumping up on our kitchen counter and getting things. I kept the can where he couldn't see it, and the minute he jumped up on the counter...I shook the can, and said "off" loudly. You can tell when he looks at you with those doodle eye's, he is thinking about it now...but chooses not too.

Just gota luv em,
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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