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Does your doodle bite at peoples hands?

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Biting Problems! HELP!

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Lately Riley wont stop biting people's hands. We have told him no many times but he wont stop. The other day we were ice skating and he was biting our hands and coats and pulling us around on the ice, he even ripped some gloves up! I don't know what to do... got any advice?
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Diane....thanks for the reminder about the soda can (I put pennies in mine).

I put one outside and I grab it and put it in my pocket when I take Tanner to play. I don't even have to get it out, just shake it a bit in my pocket when he starts to jump at me or tries to bite my gloves. He stops immediately.

Got to stick together to outsmart these pups. :wink:
Welcome to the wonderful world of doodles...this is where we share ideas on how to outsmart them. It never works, but we try and have a great time trying. :lol: :lol:
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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