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Does your doodle bite at peoples hands?

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Biting Problems! HELP!

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Lately Riley wont stop biting people's hands. We have told him no many times but he wont stop. The other day we were ice skating and he was biting our hands and coats and pulling us around on the ice, he even ripped some gloves up! I don't know what to do... got any advice?
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Jonah still does it when I get home from work and he's all "doodled" up! He also does it to my nieces. 16 and 30. Not to anyone else.
Since we've had snow, Jonah has been jumping, biting me when we're in the yard! I don't know if it's my winter coat/gloves/ or what. We're working on the ouch! thing again. My neighbor was out shoveling his drive, looked at me as I screamed ouch, shook his head and laughed! :lol: He can, his beagle/shepperd mix is 2 now and a lot mellower...but he still remembers the day! :wink:
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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