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Congratulations Diane and Dakota! You must be very proud!

I want to reassure you all, I have struggled with training the puppies too...but now that my dogs are adult (Chase is over a year and Bayley and Lexie are 2 years now) they do everything right. I don't even know how they learned it! They just did.

When I call them, they come to matter what they are doing. They have been really wild at the door, but lately I've been taking their collars, holding them and talking softly telling them to "settle" and they do! Now, when I say "settle" they stop barking and is so cool...but I don't give treats, I don't give a ton of praise...they just do it because they know me so well that they know when they make me happy or not. Smart dogs! Very smart!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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