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Big Baby Doodle

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OMG Dexter is such a baby...I took him to the vet tonight (he had really irritated skin around his privates). He know has been there enough times to realize it's not the most pleasant place :)

He started crying as soon as we went in. On our way into the exam room he managed to jump out of his harness (I caught him before he could escape). He then jumped up on and gave a million kisses to his vet.

She determined he had a mild infection and a bunch of matts (due to excessive licking) so he got his privates shaved. He came back to the exam room and proceeded to climb in my lap when we waited for her to come back w/his meds. It's not like he's really had much bad done there (besides neutering), but it just makes him so anxious...and he seems to LOVE his vet...just the place makes him nervous.
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Dex....I hope you get better soon!
his mild infection doesn't seem to be affecting him at all :) We realized that Kirby has been licking a lot more than normal too (maybe they got something at Camp Bow Wow) :shock: My husband is off this Fri so I think he'll take him in for a check :roll:
Too chicken to take 2 at once huh??
absolutely. I'll go further and it's tough to take both of them with 2 adults. They just feed upon each other and it's quite the scene :oops:
not to be a downer but if he was licking because he was irrated ummm he is gonna really try to lick when he itches like mad because the hair that was shaved itches when it come back in you may find a little topical cortisone for the next few days to be a comfort to your baby.
good idea! after today, someone will be home with them until after the new year...i was thinking the shaving would make him more itchy too...
He still licks his willy a lot though...once he gets started, he won't quit
hehe...thanks for my morning laugh :)
Poor Dex - Christmas is no time for a Brazilian bikini wax!!!
HAHAHA...I really found the whole thing to be very funny. First the vet was joking saying something like "ok I"m going to take him in the back to shave the area - it's times like these where I really love being a vet"...then Dex comes back and looked all proud of himself...haha...the vet said he stood very still and was very good about having it done.
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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