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Big Baby Doodle

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OMG Dexter is such a baby...I took him to the vet tonight (he had really irritated skin around his privates). He know has been there enough times to realize it's not the most pleasant place :)

He started crying as soon as we went in. On our way into the exam room he managed to jump out of his harness (I caught him before he could escape). He then jumped up on and gave a million kisses to his vet.

She determined he had a mild infection and a bunch of matts (due to excessive licking) so he got his privates shaved. He came back to the exam room and proceeded to climb in my lap when we waited for her to come back w/his meds. It's not like he's really had much bad done there (besides neutering), but it just makes him so anxious...and he seems to LOVE his vet...just the place makes him nervous.
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They sense the fear and illness in other dogs by smell. I get the same way in hospitals and doctors offices... :wink: Jonah LOVES going to the vet, Rumor's ok, Miko HATES it!!
She stands so close in front of me that she's almost behind me.....and those pathetic eyes.....she can play me like a Stradivarius!! :roll:
And nothing worse than that licking sound! Glad it's nothing serious. Too chicken to take 2 at once huh?? :wink:
Last time I took Jonah (yearlies) and Miko (her eyes)....I did them separately with one waiting in the car! My mamma didn't raise no dummies...... :wink:
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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