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Bella got her eyes trimmed too

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I think Jonah started a trend! :lol:
OK, does she still look ...chunky? :lol:

Thanks for looking!
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I think she is adorable! And with her docked tail, she looks just like a little black bear!! :p
WOOF WOOF WOOF.....Hubba hubba Baby!! New Jersey here I come......


she looks AWESOME :D
Thank you Megan and Kim and Annmarie!
And Rumor, I'll deal with your Daddy later (when he least expects it!). :lol:
:oops: :oops: :oops:

Linda, she does look beautiful!! How tall is she? She looks to be Miko's size....and weight.

Such a pretty haircut! You look radient! No diet needed!
Haha, do you measure at her shoulders? Then she is almost 24 inches and 60 pounds...she should be 50 pounds...Her Daddy has been feeding her milk bones :roll: and cheese! He mixed shredded cheese in her food last night!
Thanks Heather!
She looks very pretty, nice cut!
Very nice, Very nice indeed. How do they get such a uniform cut on a curly coat? Does it stay that way long?
what a cute haircut!!

hehe...I have to say...she does still look a tiny tiny tiny big puffy...haha...
Thanks everyone! Vicky, I am amazed at this groomer. Bella was matted on her legs and she still has some length left. And they were quick! I dropped her at 8am and they called at 10:45am. She is soft and fluffy. She will probably be curly again tomorrow!
lmtoth2 said:
...hehe...I have to say...she does still look a tiny tiny tiny big puffy...haha...
Definitely green beans after vacation...I'll just tell her Uncle Gene and Aunt Leslie said so :lol: ...and lots of walks... and maybe if I'm brave I'll take her to the dog park...

Um, I think that Gene was comlimenting Bella! LOL (Think Bootielisous!)
I don't think that Bella looks chunky, she looks beautiful! I love her coat and I really do like her hair cut!
Bella, you are beautiful!
Thanks Jac! She is exhausted but cannot wait to show off her new do to her Daddy. She searched for him when she got home. It's too cute, she just sighs and flops down when she does not find him.
Awwww, Bella is so pretty!
They did a great job clipping her!
My vet said that looking from the top,
the dog should have a slight indentation at the "waist."
If that's there, then she isn't overweight.

The vet had to smooth down Abby's coat to check that....
but she is fine.

With even a shorter hairdo, the puffiness
makes it hard to really tell.
I think Bella looks fine though!
Just a little winter weight is what you see.
...if she truly needs to lose a little, it will be off
with the spring weather now!!

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Thanks Jane! The vet checked her and her 'indent' is undont :lol: He likes to feel some ribs. She also has this 'pooch' that hangs down on her belly when she sits! I think you are right, she is at 'winter weight'. She will be in daycare shortly for a week, so I am sure she will lose some pounds there. With her haircut she does look better!
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