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So my husband was never too keen on getting a dog. After 18 years I finally convinced him. Now he is in love. She is his baby and she just adores him. When we first brought her home she tried to lick a plate in the diswasher. My husband saw her and was appalled...He said, "Ewwwww, she is not going to lick a people plate, even if it is going to be washed in the dishwasher."
Well, last night he tells our 15 y/o son to give her some food left over from dinner. My son just plops the dish from dinner onto the floor. :lol: I say, "Oh no, don't do that, put it in her bowl!" BOTH my son AND HUSBAND look at me like I am crazy and say, "Why not?"

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My husband was like that too - it took me 10 years to convince him we needed a dog. A few days before Christmas guess who went out of his way to get Boyd his favorite treats for his stocking.....

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I too was firm on NO DOGS...I had 101 reasons WHY NOT to get a dog besides allergies, shedding, cleaning, walking ...a list from here to infinity.

After 5years we get Max and guess who's guilty of letting him sleep on my bed, doesn't let anyone RAISE their voice with Max, and buys him toys all the time
YUP---ME :oops: I get teased so much still by my friends and family.

OH, i also was NOT going to be like OTHER PEOPLE who treat their dogs like a real baby...yeah right!!!
NOW I am the one who is socializing the 2nd puppy we will get next month. :shock: :D
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