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bed question

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We'll be buying a dog bed for 4 month old Amanda, who now realizes she is able to jump onto the couch. Maybe giving her something comfy on the floor will stop her from doing this.

My question is do we buy a high quality bed or can we just try a cheaper version? She is a strong chewer of her toys but not of furniture or blankets or anything. Any experience out there?
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Start with

A cheaper version ,, goto and you can get them at a discount :)
If you've read any of my "fruastrated" posts, you will see that I am a very firm believer of CHEAP! Calvin has eaten and completely destroyed every bed we've ever gotten or made him....In a matter of hours, mond you. He is a power chewer, too. Good luck on that..Lesle

You poor thing i feel your pain

Our pups dont distroy their beds generally ,,because they are used to them when they go to their new homes
Everyone is started on sleeping in beds at 4weeks
I on the other hand are keeping petedge in business with ME buyin em,,LOL

Petedge is a good resource for purchasing items such as beds toys chews etc at a very reduced price
Bella had 3 beds. The Orthopedic foam bed was chewed recently after I decided to put it in her crate...(even though she really does not bother anything but her toys anymore). I think the orthopedic foam has a strong smell to it and she just had to get to it.
Her 'sofa bed' is in the family room and she likes it alot. From Sam's Club:

Her FAVORITE bed for sleeping and everything is in the kitchen. It has a fake leather bolster with a fleece pillow. I got it on clearance at Sam's Club for deal ever. It comes completely apart for washing, which has definitely come in handy after she was sick a few days ago.

She really likes to snuggle up against the bolster, so a totally flat bed would not be her favorite.
Here is the Sam's Club site with some beds listed: ... 0&x=14&y=9
And people have said the beds from Costco are great, too!
The Coleman round AIR bed looks pretty comfy! You inflate it!
:lol: ... Top_search
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Petedge does have great prices, but you have to spend over $150 to avoid the processing fee if $15 (in addition to shipping.) So if you have a big order, it works out great. I think this bed form PetEdge is adorable :lol: ... uctID=4469
I agree, cheap is the way to go. At least until you see if they're a chewer. My doodle doesn't have a bed yet, but my Dane goes through a bed every 3 months. Just make sure to get rid of them when the stuffing starts coming out so they don't eat it.

If you're close to a Costco, they usually have beds for $18. The ones here in Indianapolis smell nicely of cedar and come in great colors.
Ok Walmart has a rectangular bed with memory foam inside it for $23

sam's club has a poofy dog bed for $19

the walmart one both Max and Peanut love and don't chew it
Tho max is sleeping at the moment on the SAm's club one since the cover is now in the wash :roll:
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