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Because they're smart, gorgeous, and loving??

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Hi everyone -- I had a good time the other day reading through quite a few posts on the forum, and I just came back to ask a question which admittedly has been asked before.

WHY get a Labradoodle as a pet? (My breeding days are behind me and that was llamas anyway.)

Our situation is that we live in rural Colorado (the San Luis Valley) with a fenced dog yard of about 1/4 acre of high desert. Our gentle, sweet five-year-old Rottie, Lola, romps out there, some with us and occasionally with a play date.

Our fifteen-year old Blue Heeler-Chow is still puttering along but he isn't any fun for Lola to play with anymore. Still, we won't be adding to the family till he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. I suspect that will be within the year and maybe a good bit less. Now, he still goes on the twice-daily walks around the neighborhood or out into the desert. We have never had a Poodle or Lab but have had a GSD/Malamute, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, an Australian Shepherd, a Komondor, a Basenji, and the two we now live with. That covers close to 40 years and puts me in my 60s, still reasonably vigorous.

Soo... I have been doing some research because I don't want Lola to be an only dog for very long AND because I love dogs and look forward to a new experience. Recently I got the Labradoodle bee in my bonnet and I am quite intrigued.

My frugal husband isn't totally opposed to the idea and wasn't surprised when I told him the prices I had seen online, but he isn't convinced that it would be any more satisfying than finding a soulful dog at a shelter.

It looks to me like the answers to my question are what I put in the title. I always train my dogs though I don't compete, and I've long been curious about the smartness of poodles. We do tend to find nice-looking dogs, it always seems to happen that way. And my favorites have always been the most loving.

What do you think? Your thoughts most welcome! BTW, we are both writers who work at home.

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Our Labradoodle Daisy is the most loving, fun, social, adorable, sweet, kind and caring dog ever. I know I sound like I'm gushing, but I can't say enough wonderful things about this breed, at least with my experience. The personalities and souls in these dogs is incredible. We love our Daisy so much it's almost frightening :grin: And yes, they are smart, gorgeous and loving. Daisy is so loyal and such a sweet, kind and gentle soul. She'll play like crazy with other dogs and would fetch the ball for hours if we'd throw it for her that long. And then the next minute she's curled up next to me on the couch snuggling. The best of both worlds IMO :) And she's amazing with our young children, when they get home from school she runs around with them like she's one of them, it's so cute and fun!! Good luck in your decision making. I do understand what you're husband is saying though. My kids and I recently ran into some dogs outside a restaurant who needed homes. The restaurant owner was sitting outside with a handful of dogs looking for homes, she rescues and fosters them. My kids were so in love with one of these dogs after only 5-10 minutes of petting and talking to them. My daughter was almost in tears when we left because she wanted to take the dog home with us. So I get it, there's some amazing soulful dogs who are in shelters who needs homes, too.
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Thanks, Daisy's mom. You don't sound gushing any more than it seems the breed deserves.

It will be very interesting to see what unfolds with time. I hope it turns out to be a Labradoodle, but I do trust that whatever dog comes into our lives will be the right one.

We've had a mix of rescues and dogs from breeders. When I think of them all, the best one in terms of temperament and general wellbeing was the Ridgeback, whom we got from a wonderful attentive breeder many years ago, and we got her at 8 weeks. Come to think of it, she's the only one we've paid much for. I won't make a totally hard and fast rule about that, but I'm sure the breeders here know what I'm saying.
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