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BEAU needs a home : (

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HI is with great sadness and heartbreak i am posting this today. This decision has not come easy and part of the reason I've been quiet on the forum lately. Many tears have beenand still are being shed here but I have to what's best for all.

BEAU needs a home either as a family pet or can be used for a stud/breeding and am open to also a guardianship if possible.

If not he would make a great family pet

WHY is what you're all asking as it's now going on 6mos since we added Beau to our family.

HOWEVER Max and Beau for some reason cannot "bond' nor establish dominancy between them. Many of their disagreements or issues stem from jealousy of me. Things may go good for a week at most, then it's back to the drawing boards so to speak.

YES i worked with my trainers on this as well but my family and also Peanut is being affected. Beau and Max get along more in they way of tolerating each other for the most part.
I had hoped things would work out better than they have to-date.
This is killing me and Dave to have come down to posting this today as well love all 3 doodles each one having a special place in our hearts.

BEAU is a RED, Male, nonshedding f1 Goldendoodle, very leanly built, 22.5in tall, 55lbs (though he looks lighter hahaaaa)
and is 9mos old on April 2, 2008. he is microchipped
has CKC papers too.
Up-t0-date on all shots, has no isssues with food , eats canidae all life stages.

He is sooooooo sweet, laid back, happy go lucky, submissive, loves to play fetch, lie by your feet and/or sit and be petted. he is great with kids of all ages being more quiet with them.

YES he is 100% housetrained,crate trained, knows basic commands, sits and waits for command OKAY to be said before eating food, listens really well, potties on command. he's gone thru level 1 obedience training.

if allowed Beau can jump 6ft high to catch a ball or whatever is being tossed across the room hahahaa
he loves to do snow angels on the floor when happy. he also does NOT get hyper when brought out to stores etc, he is one to sit by your feet and not stray.

he does NOT chew on wood, shoes, etc but does have a sock fetish like most doodles :wink: he does not get carsick but can drool a tiny bit on long rides but an open window helps tremendously.
YES he can jump in and out of a truck with ease too. He does NOT pull on leashes either. Knows the word WAIT.

PLEASE PM me if you are seriously interested with your questions and/or or more info. i'll also provide my email in a pm to you. and I live in Rochester NY

YES BEAU is the red guy in my avitar

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Annmarie - I am so sorry, I know this is heartbreaking - you are all in my prayers and i hope you find Beau a wonderful forever home

big hugs
Annmarie! Oh I am soooooo sorry!!! I would take him in a heartbeat if I could. Please keep us updated.
I am so sorry to hear that you have to give up your baby Beau! :( I hope you find someone nearby to adopt so you can visit him.

Good Luck finding a wonderful family for Beau!
Awe, darn it, darn it, darn it!!!!!(the situation, not your decision)

AnnMarie, you must be beyond heartbroken to have to come to this decision. I have been in your shoes, so if you need an ear/shoulder.......
Ann Marie, everyone knows how very much you love Beau and we all understand the extreme heartache you and Dave must be feeling with this decision. But I do believe that you are making the right decision for Beau. He will find that perfect home for him, where he will be a perfect fit.
Don't dispair...I am sure that, in time, you will look back on this as the right thing to do.
I really appreciate all of your kind words everyone as this is really breaking my heart so bad right now, and dave's along with my kids too. We did this a family decision.

I pray to god someone who needs a BEAU in their life comes forward as he is such a calm sweet natured laid back snugglebug.

So if anyone is looking for an older trained puppy to add love into their life, please contact me via PM.
Annmarie, I am soooooo sorrry! I know how much you all love Beau.
Do you think some of the problem with Max and Beau could stem from Beau being intact?
I know the right home will come along. He is a beautiful dog inside and out.
I am so sorry to hear this as I can only imagine the heartbreak it is causing. We send lots of hugs and hopes for the best outcome for all. :cry:
My heart breaks for you all..................
I am not sure of what the exact problem is and doing some real deep soul searching here....and leaving my options open

I am not one to rush into anything so for now we continue to love and train him daily as he still is a part of my family.

IF i can get this to work out great but at same time if a really good family comes along it will be discussed and looked into.

right now i am so torn and worn out.
...but at same time if a really good family comes along it will be discussed and looked into.
Do you have anyone interested in him so far?
Annmarie <<<<<hugs>>>>> to you, Dave and your family and Beau! Doing what is right for all of you is definitely not an easy thing, my heart goes out to all of you.
Annmarie, as I already have to do what's best for all of you. You know in your heart that it's the best decision. We support and love you just the same.......(((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
I so so wish that I had a bigger place, I would take him in a min. He is gorgeous and I know how great of a dog he is....... and I know how much you love him. My heart goes out to you and your family. But we know that you have to do what is best for everyone!! Keep us posted, and many hugs to you!!

Hugs {{{Annemarie}}}
I can only imagine how hard this was to decide. I hope you're able to find him the perfect home.
Whatever you decide to do, Ann Marie, we are behind you 100%.
{{{{{{{Ann Marie}}}}}}}
Oh AnneMarie, im so sorry i know what dreams you had for him ,god bless ya dear, I wish it were different, but i know you have thought this thru and its the best for you, hugs my friend i wish i was there
if you need me i am just a phone call away
Oh Annmarie.... {{{{hugs}}}} I am SO sorry to hear this. I don't know what to say except that we're here for you to lean on, and we're all behind you 100%. The universe unfolds as it should, Annmarie......
Hope!... It's what makes us humans different from the other animals. I believe you may have told me they (Doodles) take a longer time to mature. I understand FRUSTRATION so my advice is stay hopeful and continue learning and re learning limitations. I do it all the time :roll:
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