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Hmmm... seems interesting the past couple bathings have resulted in winding Bandit up and he goes tearing around the house at MACH 1.
This is somewhat entertaining, as he flies up/down the stairs and run laps around the core of the stairs through the kitchen/entry/family/dining rooms and is tolerable up until he starts growling and getting a bit aggressive. Getting him calmed enough through challenging him and able to get him out from under the pool table (den instinct?) is a struggle, but once in his crate he calms right down and goes to sleep.

Reminds me a lot of how Kyren used to be when he was 2/3 and fought sleep.

Question being... I assume this is natural behaviour and something he will be trained/grow out of and not to be worried about... correct?

The towels seem to get him started, and so in my infinite wisdom and puppy knowledge... :idea: :shock: :lol: :roll: thought that the blowdryer would be a good tool to get him dry in expedient fashion. He attacked it, like a prize fighter going at a speed bag, then a grade schooler playing tetherball. When those both failed, I think he thought it was a juicy steak and he could try to eat it. THAT worked out well... :roll: NOT!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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